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Introduction to the Process of Foam Silicone Handle Manufacturer

  Let me first introduce the first production process of foamed silicone grips, "molding". The premise is that the mold needs to be opened according to the length and shape required by the customer, and the silicone is placed in the mold by heating the metal fixture at high temperature. Vulcanization is added to the mold, and the finished product is finished when the mold is released. This process is to meet the irregular structure of the foam silicone grip required by the customer, such as surface grooves and irregular stripes. After adding these on the surface of the product, it will make the product more beautiful and appreciative, but there will be a parting line on the surface of the product that is very vague. This is because there will be a gap when the upper and lower layers of the mold are running in, and this leads to Foamed silicone handle sets the occurrence of the parting line. Molding process can make some foamed silicone grip products with irregular surface or structure, which can improve product aesthetics and personalization. Another process
  is the relatively common silicone extrusion process on the market. This process has relatively high production efficiency. Fast has good secondary processing integration, and can be used for cutting, laser engraving, grinding, chamfering, silk screen printing, etc. This process is a platinum vulcanization process improved on the basis of the traditional double 24 foaming process. Silicone foam grips are produced through extrusion + platinum vulcanization process. It is an odorless and non-toxic product, and can meet FDA food grade For testing and certification, it is usually extruded for about 3~5 meters, then cooled and then cut (Note: The extrusion process of foamed silicone grips cannot be produced indefinitely, so it is necessary to cut a section of breathable when producing 3~5 meters ), the aesthetics will be very good after production, and the aesthetics and comfort of the product will be better than other materials in conjunction with a variety of secondary processing procedures.
The physical picture of the foamed silicone grip product of the molding process is as follows (irregular and personalized):

The physical picture of the extrusion + platinum process product is as follows (overall, there are rules): More than

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