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Is silicone self-adhesive tape safe and stable?

Users who come into contact with silicone self-adhesive tape   for the first time are both curious and worried about the product, worrying about safety because the product has not been widely popular among the people, and most of them stay on the sidelines. After introducing the performance of the silicone self-adhesive tape and the third-party testing, I hope it will be more reliable. First of all, the product is made of silica gel through a calendering process. Silicone itself is insulating and is widely used in the power terminal industry. Silicone self-adhesive tape As a representative product of silicone products, it is naturally insulated. In addition, it is mentioned that all silicone products are insulated without special treatment. This at least shows that the silicone self-adhesive tape is insulated after repairing wires and cables. Potential hazard of electric shock.
  Then it is also possible to apply it to substations and some high-voltage cables. Why do you say that? Thanks to the excellent electrical breakdown resistance and corona arc resistance of silicone itself, high-voltage cables cannot use electrical glue but can use silicone self-adhesive tape, and after wrapping the silicone self-adhesive tape, there is no need to worry about safety There is no problem with the external stability. After 24 hours of winding, it will be self-fused to form a sealed and insulating protective layer that can isolate the erosion from the outside world. Even in a variety of harsh environments, it can maintain the normal work of the cable and make it safe. more excellent. Stability needs to refer to silica gel. As we all know, silica gel is a kind of physical and chemical extremely lazy material that can work in the environment of -40~200° or even below 300°, and the service life will be much higher in the normal environment. Ultraviolet aging and other characteristics In addition, the sealing and moisture-proof performance is excellent. After winding, each layer of silicone tape can be fused together to form an integration, and water vapor or dust will be isolated from the outside world.
  The only thing that can prove the safety and stability of silicone self-adhesive tape is the third-party testing and certification. The product was sent to CEMT "Mechanical Industry Electrical Material Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center" Insulation Testing Center in 2014 and concluded that it meets the requirements of insulating products. Test details: Electric strength (24.1MV/m), power frequency withstand voltage test 80KV, 1min test passed, stretch the silicone self-adhesive tape by 200% and wrap it on the copper rod, place it for 24H self-melting and connect it to 80KV high voltage The result is Don't worry about its safety at all. This is the CEMT third-party testing to provide us with a professional report, which proves that the silicone self-adhesive tape is a safe and stable insulation product, which can be safely used for repairing various low-voltage and high-voltage cables.
  For those who pay more attention to technology and engineering, it is necessary to evaluate the safety and stability of the silicone self-adhesive tape through some properties. Next, let's understand some new performance parameters:
Silicone rubber self-adhesive tape technical parameters
parameter category classic data test
tear strength 2.5Mpa GB/T528-1998
Elongation at break 500% GB/T528-1998
volume resistivity 10 to the 14th power Ω.cm GB/T1692-2008
Breakdown strength 28KV/mm GB/T1695-2005
self-adhesion 52g/mm ASTM D2148
hygroscopicity 0.9% Soak in water at 21°C for 48H

The third-party testing report certification of silicone self-adhesive tape is as follows: The physical picture of the silicone self-adhesive tape is as follows: More than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality silicone self-adhesive tape