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Is the foaming process of foaming silicone strips toxic?

  Foamed silicone strips are mainly divided into double-two-fourth vulcanization system and platinum vulcanization system. The products produced by different production processes are naturally slightly different, but one thing can be confirmed that one of the two systems is non-toxic. Harmless, otherwise how can there be food-grade foam? I can’t directly say whether the foamed silicone strips are poisonous. There is a problem with being so sure. I don’t know how to answer. I first need to judge where the product is used and what requirements it needs to meet before I can answer. For example, some products don’t need it at all. Why do we need to pay attention to whether it is poisonous or harmful when it comes into direct or indirect contact with humans? For silicone manufacturers, we will know a little more than customers, and we will naturally tell you.
  Double 24 vulcanized foamed silicone strips This type of product has a slight odor and is mostly used in industry, and there will be a little bit of toxic substances volatilizing. We have to be honest, because this type of product will not touch the human body when used in industry. Naturally, there is no problem with the product. The volatilization of toxic and harmful substances in this process will not affect the human body. It can meet the testing and certification of ROHS, REACH and other projects. Below the international level of toxic and harmful volatiles, summary: Industrial-grade silicone foam strips will contain slightly toxic and harmful substances, but they can be manufactured and sold in accordance with international standards and cannot be in direct or long-term contact with the human body.
  Platinum vulcanized foamed silicone strips are also called food-grade foamed silicone strips , which meet the requirements of international ROHS, FDA, etc., and are mainly used for sealing and waterproofing in household appliances (rice cookers, kettles, juicers). This process has no toxic and harmful substances volatilized in the whole process from raw materials to manufacturing process, and the finished product is more beautiful and beautiful. It has obtained FDA certification and can improve the display of test reports. Summary: Platinum vulcanized foamed silicone strips are non-toxic and harmless, and can be directly or indirectly in contact with the human body without any effect.
  So on the whole, the foamed silicone strips can be said to be non-toxic but not all, so it depends on what kind of process your product is made of, and what industry you are in. If you use food-grade foamed silicone strips, is it right? Does your product cause overcapacity? This is why I mentioned above that you should judge whether your foamed silicone strips are toxic according to your industry and your products. From a macro point of view, the foamed silicone strip is non-toxic because both processes meet international standards, one is food grade and the other is industrial grade.

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