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What are the types of special silicone self-adhesive tape?

  If any kind of product wants to develop stably for a long time, it must constantly improve itself. So far, the company has been adhering to the problem of customers is our problem, and we have spared no effort to solve the problems raised by many customers. According to the actual use, most of the customers are mainly Most of them are high temperature resistance, flame retardant, high voltage resistance, etc. Natural silicone self-adhesive tapes also need to be manufactured in a targeted manner. At present, there are three major categories in the mainstream, and each type has different performances. Next, I will briefly introduce these products.
  The first category: High temperature resistant silicone self-adhesive tape. Why are such products called special silicone products? That's because its remarkable high temperature resistance can directly withstand the temperature between 200~300 °, that's because in the process of product kneading, appropriate high temperature resistant agent is added to the raw materials so that the raw material products can also achieve this function. And its market is mainly distributed in industry and electrical appliances, such as oven cable harness repair or some high-temperature gas pipeline repairs, etc. Once ordinary silicone self-adhesive tape is used for repair in these industries, the product will be damaged due to high temperature. The rapid rupture cannot be used, and it is because of this that the derivative of the high temperature resistant silicone self-adhesive tape has gained a good reputation and practical feedback since it was promoted.
  The second category: Flame-retardant silicone self-adhesive tape, as the name implies, is a product with a fire-resistant and flame-retardant effect, especially frequently used in the field of household cables and electrical cables. This type of product can effectively avoid heating due to high load voltage Causes a fire, most people have repaired some cables at home. Once the family uses high voltage, it is very easy to catch fire. The flame-retardant silicone self-adhesive tape can achieve self-extinguishing effect so that the flame cannot expand and effectively maintain family safety. This is a Excellent product that deserves a lot of praise.
  The third category: High-voltage resistant silicone self-adhesive tape. This type of product is mainly in the electrical and electrical industry and other industries are less involved, and its main feature is that it is more obvious in terms of electrical insulation performance, corona, and arcing. Generally, the voltage of the accessories of the power terminal is relatively high and the electrical breakdown strength is stronger than that of the household cable. Therefore, a safe, stable and reliable adhesive tape is needed to wrap some irregular electrical conductors and some transformer coils.
  The above three categories are basically suitable for most of the customer requirements. The thickness of the above types of products is above 1.0mm, please do not be too thin or some uncontrollable factors will occur. In addition, we will not cover all the remaining special application fields. If you need to customize special silicone self-adhesive tape, you can come to consult and understand. With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality silicone self-adhesive tape