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What are the specifications of silicone self-adhesive tape?

  Portability and flexible use are the original intentions of making silicone self-adhesive tape . It can be seen that the product cannot be a giant, but it is smaller and exquisite. Closer to home, the five best-selling specifications are: the first 0.35mm thickness, silicone self-adhesive tape The width of 50mm is mostly the mainstream. Of course, the width can be customized according to customer requirements, and some 30mm, 20mm, etc. can also be customized. This series of silicone self-adhesive tape has a total length of 10 meters and can be used in many situations. The second type is 0.5mm thick, 50mm wide, and 10 meters long. This style is mostly used in the repair of household electrical appliances. For more convenient use, our company has produced 25mm wide silicone self-adhesive tape in the original Some 50mm width specifications are divided into two for more convenient use. The third type: 0.8mm thickness, two widths of 25mm and 50mm, and a length of 5mm. This specification is an improved product based on the previous one, and the product thickness is appropriately increased without changing the product performance The advantage is that it will increase the anti-corona and insulation capabilities of the silicone self-adhesive tape. The fourth type: the thickness of the product is 1.0mm, and the width is also 25mm and 50mm. The length is 5 meters per roll or 10 meters per roll. Once the product specification reaches 1.0mm thick, it can be used in a new industry and can wrap some transformers. The exposed part of the coil achieves the functions of anti-arc and anti-corona. The fifth type: the thickness is 1.5mm, the width is 50mm, and the length is 5 meters per roll. Once the thickness of the silicone self-adhesive tape exceeds 1.5mm, most of them are used in high-voltage cables and electrical appliances. The thicker the product thickness and specifications When it is large, its performance will be appropriately improved, such as resistance to electrical breakdown and resistance to electrical heat.
  Of course, every manufacturer of silicone self-adhesive tape has unique specifications. Some manufacturers will produce rolls of 20 or 30 meters. We will not introduce too much, and some customers in special fields naturally need more special For example, if you need silicone self-adhesive tape to repair the winding high-temperature resistant pipe, you will naturally need more special specifications and high-temperature resistance. It is required to add a high-temperature resistant agent to the silicone self-adhesive at the beginning of production. Among the cloth, in this way, the specifications of the silicone self-adhesive tape will also be modified to increase the thickness and increase the width, so that the product wrapped on the high-temperature pipe can work stably for a long time. As for why it is necessary to correct the specifications of the silicone self-adhesive tape, it is because the thickness of the traditional product is between 0.35~1.0°, even if the high temperature resistant agent is added between 200~300°, it will curl up because the thickness is not enough, but the thermal conductivity is not strong enough, so it needs to be The specifications of the product have been modified and thickened so that the silicone self-adhesive tape can be used under the harsh high temperature conditions of 200~300°. This is just a case I took to introduce it, and I will edit the article to describe it later. Some special silicone self-adhesive tapes.
  The above cases prove that the silicone self-adhesive tape can produce products of various sizes and specifications to meet the use in different environments. Perhaps the company will develop some unique specifications under the continuous efforts of the company. At present, these are the mainstream ones. The specifications are combined with red, yellow, green, and black colors, which can basically meet the needs of people's daily life.

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