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Introduction and tutorial of silicone self-adhesive tape products

  First of all, silicone self-adhesive tape is different from food-grade silicone tubes , silicone strips and other silicone products. It adopts a unique formula and precision processing production technology, so that it can not only maintain the traditional advantages of silicone, but also be convenient and beneficial to the people. Silicone self-adhesive tape can be used in industrial manufacturing or in daily life. Its appearance is a novel product among silicone products based on the combination of various product features.
  Silicone self-adhesive tape is an insulating product that can repair and protect wires and cables in industry and life. The other is sealing insulation, which represents safety and stability. For example, cable wear or aging in family life needs to be repaired. The traditional method is to use electrical glue to repair. Of course, there is no problem. It is the first choice for people. Any product will have its own irreparable defects. Electric heating will occur at the interface after repairing with electrical glue cables in the family. In some cases, the adhesive glue will melt and overflow after a long time. Presumably everyone often encounters this kind of thing in daily life, and the appearance of silicone self-adhesive tape can make up for this situation. Second, in addition to repairing cables, the silicone self-adhesive tape can also repair some pipes to seal and waterproof. For example, if there is a leak in the pipeline in the home or industry, it can also be repaired with a silicone self-adhesive tape, which can be repaired within 24 hours. After that, the product performs automatic fusion and sealing to solve some troubles encountered by people.
  Why is it convenient and beneficial to the people? That's because the automatic fusion function of the silicone self-adhesive tape can exclude electrical glue (it does not have the automatic fusion function), so you can take out the heat shrinkable tube for comparison. It can shrink but needs to be used with a hot-melt air gun. People need to buy a hot-melt air gun to repair cables in daily life, which is very uneconomical and disadvantageous to the people, but silicone self-adhesive tape can be automatically fused without external tools, only need to use the correct tutorial and the product volume and electrician The shape and volume of the glue are very small and suitable for carrying. This is one of the reasons why I say it is convenient. As for Limin, the stability and wide use of the silicone self-adhesive tape are far superior to other glues for sealing or repairing life. The traditional advantage of silica gel is that it can be used at high and low temperature - 40~200°, so there is no need to worry about the rapid aging of the interface caused by the heating of the cable, and the repair of the pipeline will not be unable to work due to moisture, so it is safe to use Shuxin is Limin that I personally recognize.
  How to use and use the silicone self-adhesive tape:
1. Before use, clean up the interface that needs to be repaired or sealed as much as possible to avoid too many impurities. It is okay to leave it alone, but there will be more or less slight effects.
2. Since the silicone is bright and easy to be scratched, it needs to be wrapped with the upper and lower films during production to protect the silicone self-adhesive tape, so the first step in using the product is to tear off the upper and lower films.
3. It is roughly the same as the repair of other adhesive products. Stretch and wrap layer by layer from the interface that needs to be repaired until it is completely sealed and covered (the silicone self-adhesive tape itself is not coated with adhesive glue, so it needs to be stretched slightly. so that it can tightly hug the place that needs to be repaired).
4. The silicone self-adhesive tape cannot be put into work directly after it is completely wound. It needs to be used after standing for 24 hours. It takes a period of time for the product to fuse itself. After 24 hours, the two ends of the product will fuse with the self-adhesive tape.
  Points to note during use:
1. The start end and the end end of the two ports of the silicone self-adhesive tape must be wrapped on the silicone body, because the silicone self-adhesive tape can only be fused with the same material as itself, and cannot be fused with other materials.
2. After 24 hours of fusion, the product has no ports and will form a sealed and insulating protective layer (integrated as a whole). It is impossible for you to tear the winding again, so you need a knife to cut the silicone self-adhesive tape, so you can see the product Disposable after 24 hours of wrapping.
3. It is recommended to wrap more layers in harsh environments, such as (corrosion environment, high temperature resistance above 150°, humidity, water, etc.)
4. If it is used for high voltage winding, it is recommended to use several more layers. The silicone self-adhesive tape can withstand high electric breakdown and anti-corona, anti-arc and other effects.

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