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What is the function of a fiber line inside the LED silicone sleeve light strip?

  This kind of fiber thread exists when the LED silicone sleeve is extruded, and the fiber thread is usually put in while extruding the sleeve. Theoretically, the fiber thread can be as long as the sleeve is long.
  The early LED silicone sleeve light strips did not have fiber wires, which caused many customers to wear the PCB board very slowly because the light strips were relatively long, which seriously affected the production efficiency. Later, many LED light strip customers found that blowing with an air gun Drive the PCB board quickly through the compressed air fluidity, this move has indeed played a certain role until now, many manufacturers are still using this method, but this method is more suitable for use on the light bar with a length limit, such as 1m , 2mm, 5mm, etc. Once you need to use 20m or 50m/1pcs, the gas will decrease with the length, just like the PCB board is not easy or can not pass through. At this time, many people are wondering whether they can use a method that can once and for all see the characteristics of the fiber line. What if a fiber line is added to the LED silicone sleeve to pull the PCB board?
  Because the LED silicone sleeve light strip is relatively long, the fiber wire can be determined according to the length of the sleeve, which means that no matter how long the lamp sleeve is, the fiber wire traction method is suitable. If it is used in conjunction with an air gun, it will be more efficient smooth. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to not use brute force to pull, because silica gel is a relatively soft material. If the right-angled part of the board is easy to scratch the sleeve when the fiber line is pulling the PCB board, or even cause the sleeve to be damaged by excessive force. The two side walls are directly broken, so I suggest that in the process of using the fiber wire to pull, you must follow the rhythm of the sleeve and do not use brute force to pull the PCB board. It will be better if it is combined with the gas impact of the air gun. The production speed will also be at the original speed. Based on the improvement again.
  Therefore, the functions of adding fiber lines to the LED silicone sleeve light bar are summarized as follows: 1. Reduce the wasted man-hours due to board penetration and improve production efficiency. 2. It can reduce the probability of scratching the sleeve on the PCB board and ensure the quality. Therefore, in the recent hot LED neon strip silicone sleeve market, most of the sleeves are still with fiber wires, which can prove this soil. The efficiency of the method has been developed for many years, and the process of adding fiber wires to the sleeve to pull the pcb board is still hot. Here I suggest that all customers and buyers in the LED light bar industry try to choose LED silicone sleeves with fiber wires in the sleeve.

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