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Precautions for bonding silicone foam strips

  At present, there are not many types of adhesives that can be bonded with silicone foam strips , and these names are not often heard. They are mainly divided into hot melt type and greenhouse curing type, because these two adhesives It can have a good chemical reaction with silicone foam strips, and of course there are other types of adhesives such as: pressure-sensitive, thermosetting, etc. To judge whether the silicone foam strip is firmly bonded or not, besides the adhesive, its product structure will also have a very large factor, so the first point of attention is that the designer should try to make its contact surface (wall thicker) to make it larger so that it can contact the adhesive as much as possible, so that the force on the product can be evenly released on the contact surface.
  Bonding with silicone foam strips is also called silicone-type adhesive, which means the bonding method between silica gel and silica gel. It should be noted that a layer of bonding is required before the two joints of the foam silica gel strip are bonded to each other. Wipe the treatment agent, otherwise the bonding will not be successful, because if you do not wipe the direct bonding, there will be adverse chemical reactions and bonding to impurities, which will affect the bonding quality. If it is serious, it will crack if you pull it. open.
  Most of the foamed silicone strips after bonding will have a certain impact on the stretching according to the thickness of the product design, but it should not be too thin. If the product is too thin or too special in shape, it will not be able to bond or bond glue. Problems such as overflow and weak bonding need to be avoided. In addition, it is necessary to open a bonding mold because our company still focuses on hot-melt bonding. It is necessary to pay attention to the positive and negative tolerances of the mold. The beauty of this method is that the production speed is faster than other processes. The main method is to squeeze the silicone glue on both sides of the foamed silicone pipe joint, heat it through a high-temperature vulcanized bonding mold, and then clamp the foamed silicone strips in the groove in turn. Closing is equivalent to adding vulcanization to both the product and the glue. The product will come to life as soon as it is made. There will be a slight glue overflow. Just pay attention to correcting the corners and corners a little.
  We have less contact with the bonding process of the greenhouse. Generally, we need to pay more attention to the environment and the strength of the glue. The greenhouse refers to the medium in which the two interfaces of the foamed silicone strips interact with each other without external factors and influences. It is a high-strength adhesive, which can stick the interface well together in a normal environment. After 24 hours, the adhesive will completely integrate the two interfaces of the foamed silicone strip. It is very difficult to tear the tensile force Very big. With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality silicone foam strips