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What is the difference between silicone bottle straws and silicone bottle nipples?

  The production process between the two is the main difference between them. Let's first understand what is a liquid-injected silicone bottle nipple: After years of development, silicone products already have a variety of production processes, and liquid injection-molded products It has also been widely popularized and promoted, and the products produced are also relatively rich. Silicone baby bottle nipples are outstanding representative products of this process. Liquid silicone itself is a viscous liquid that is injected into a mold shaped like a nipple through the machine head. Heating it to vulcanize it and then demolding it initially formed the product of the nipple. The nipple of the bottle has very good safety and can work stably for a long time, without any volatile matter and has strong softness.
The silicone bottle straw is produced by the silicone extrusion process, which is a very skilled process .   It is made of platinum vulcanized silicone raw material, which is non-toxic and tasteless . After vulcanization, it can meet the requirements of FDA and LFGB. In terms of technology, the silicone feeding bottle straw is an extrusion process. In principle, it is infinitely long and cut to the length required by the customer. After cutting, a feeding bottle straw basically comes out.
  In terms of product characteristics and practicability, the silicone feeding straw and the feeding bottle nipple are adjusted and coordinated with each other to form the main diversion part of the feeding bottle. The difference between the two lies in one drainage and one adjustment drainage. ? When the liquid is stored in the bottle container, since the baby's esophagus is small, the amount of liquid must be controlled so as not to choke the baby. At this time, a pipe is needed for drainage. This is the predecessor of the silicone feeding straw. After the drainage pipe is available, is it still missing? A "controller" that adjusts the flow, which is the silicone nipple, through which the speed and flow of liquid can be properly adjusted.
  In short, silicone must occupy an unbreakable position in the feeding bottle industry. From the silicone feeding bottle straw to the silicone nipple to the silicone sheath outside the feeding bottle, these are all interlocking. Every part has a subtle connection but works separately. , the current market is developing rapidly, and the same is true for the silicone feeding straw. From the early one-out-one industry to the current one-out two process, the production efficiency has been increased by 50% on the basis of the original, and the same is true for the liquid injection nipple process. Now the machine is getting bigger and bigger, and even 50~100 pieces can be produced, so I say that the difference between these two products applied to feeding bottles is that the process is different, but the purpose and method of use are very similar. With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality silicone bottle straws