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Why do wrapped silicone tubes and transparent silicone extruded products turn yellow?

  The external reason for the yellowing of silicone extruded products such as coiled silicone tubes is the "environment". Since the environment used for coiled silicone tubes is a sealed environment, where the air cannot circulate normally, the coiled silicone tubes will age quickly and turn yellow . Under the circumstances, try to ensure the air circulation of the wrapped silicone tube and these transparent silicone extruded products, so that the silicone will greatly reduce the speed of the yellowing of the silicone. The second is exposure to high temperature and some corrosive environments, which can accelerate the speed of the yellowing of the winding silica gel. Once the yellowing of the silica gel is obvious, if you do not replace it, the next thing you will face is product damage. Because of external factors In the case of yellowing, it means that the product has some functional problems or the service life is declining rapidly.
  If the wound silicone tube and transparent silicone extruded products are not yellowed due to external factors, then they have already turned yellow before leaving the factory, that is, the yellowing of internal factors we will talk about next may be due to vulcanizing agents: conventional vulcanization The agent is divided into platinum and double 24. Each vulcanizing agent is divided into common type and anti-yellow type vulcanization agent. Therefore, if the customer feels that the yellowing speed of the wound silicone tube is too fast, he can negotiate with the supplier to use anti-yellow type vulcanization. The problem of excessive yellowing can be solved from the inside of the winding silicone tube. If the customer does not mention the problem of yellowing of the winding silicone tube, the general supplier will use ordinary vulcanizing agent for production by default.
  Another factor is that the temperature is too high during the vulcanization process of the winding silicone tube, or the secondary high temperature vulcanization time is too long. These factors will cause yellowing. The conveyor belt is high and the conveyor belt is slow, so that the winding silicone tube is easy to be over-vulcanized at high temperature and cause the product to turn yellow. Either it is due to the negligence of the staff when the product is added for the second time, which leads to too long time, which will also cause the product to turn yellow inside. With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality winding silicone tubes