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Why do wrapped silicone tubes and transparent silicone extruded products turn yellow?

  Since the vast majority of silicone sealing strips need to be sealed, waterproof, fixed, and shock-absorbing, it can be said that any part that cooperates with the silicone sealing strip can affect the sealing performance, so when the product is not sealed or leaks Sometimes product structure engineers need to conduct a comprehensive review, and cannot start with a single structure, because sealing is not only something that can be completed by all the parts of the silicone sealing strip. When designing the product structure, it is necessary to design different shapes in different parts. It can be designed in a B-shape, a 7-shape, or a Japanese-shape. See which structure is more suitable for your product use. Of course, you can also design a novel silicone sealing strip for waterproofing.
  When designing silicone sealing strips, it is necessary to realize the feasibility of mass production, because we are a silicone extrusion manufacturer and we have contacted a lot of customers. Some of them inevitably have a very good design structure, but it will cause unnecessary production. The cost increases, so as an actual manufacturer, I suggest that many engineers must base their designs on the three angles of cost, practicality, and quality. In addition, it is necessary to know that it is not recommended to make a certain sealing convex groove of the silicone sealing strip too thin or too thin in the actual production process of silicone. There are some relatively limited production principles in the production process of silicone, for example, the wall thickness cannot be low. It is below 0.4 and the curvature cannot be too extreme, otherwise it cannot be established from a production point of view.
  There are also some theoretically established silicone sealing strips that are completely untenable in the actual production process. At present, the silicone sealing strips with better sealing performance should be the series of silicone foam sealing strips. You need to consider when actually sealing such products. In terms of the density of silica gel foaming and the performance of the product, the conventional density of silica gel is 1.2. If foaming is used, the density will be disrupted. From 0.3 to 1.0, the higher the density, the higher the hardness of the product, and vice versa. Therefore, when designing the structure of the silicone sealing strip, some indicators of the performance of the silicone product must be taken into account.
  Some extreme properties of silica gel are also one of the qualified sealing products to verify whether the silica gel sealing strip is qualified. At the beginning of the design structure, it is necessary to consider whether the product needs to be sealed in water for a long time, or sealed at high temperature for a long time, or in a closed environment. seal. Each of these different performance requirements means that the silicone sealing strip needs to be changed accordingly. For example, high temperature resistant silicone sealing strips need to add high temperature resistant agents to the silicone, and flame retardant silicone sealing strips need to add flame retardants. After these auxiliary materials, the performance of the silicone will change slightly, which needs to be taken into account. With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality silicone sealing strips