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What should be noted when winding silicone tubing during work

  The product itself is a silicone tube before it is cut, but the secondary processing is made through a strict process, but the advantages and disadvantages of winding the silicone tube coexist. It is a good product to meet the customer's requirements. Knowing that any product has advantages and disadvantages, no one is perfect, and the winding silicone tube needs to be careful not to work in an environment with strong acid and strong alkali.
  Points to pay attention to when winding the silicone tube :
1. Strong acid and strong alkali: The coiled silicone tube will be corroded when it encounters high concentration hydrochloric acid and high concentration nitric acid (only high concentration will be affected, and it will work normally when the concentration is not high). Silicone is an elastic material and None of these materials, which are not solid materials, cannot withstand strong acids. The strong alkali refers to chemical substances such as hydroxide and potassium calcium hydroxide. If they are in contact with the wrapped silicone tube for a long time, the chemical formula of the silicone will be unstable and will be decomposed, but the pH value is below 6. The wrapped silicone tube can be normal. run. How to solve these problems can add a fluorosilicon material between the materials when the winding silicone tube is extruded, which can change the molecular structure of the winding silicone tube to achieve a certain function, and this can be completely avoided after the product is added with fluorosilicon When things happen, you will no longer be afraid of strong acids and alkalis.
2. Oily substances: Wound silicone tubes cannot be in contact with most concentrated oils or compounds, but fortunately, winding silicone tubes are used on optical fibers and basically do not need to come into contact with high-concentration oily substances, because oily substances will melt them, such as for a long time Silicone silicone will be slowly decomposed and volatilized when it comes into contact with gasoline, but these problems can be perfectly resolved by adding inert materials such as fluorine to the product. For example, automotive silicone tubes can be used flexibly in gasoline engine oil because of the addition of this material.
3. Strong high temperature above 200°: We all know that ordinary silica gel can withstand high temperatures of -40~200°, once it exceeds 200°, you need to replace the silica gel to reach a temperature above 200°, and the winding silicone tube cannot withstand ultra-high temperature because it will accelerate aging It will crack and dry in high temperature environment, so it is necessary to add high temperature resistant agent, so that the winding silicone tube can withstand high temperature above 200° and can work for a long time.
  No matter how good the product is, there are naturally disadvantages. No product is perfect, but it needs to be perfect in terms of gas that meets customer requirements. Taking a step back, the winding silicone tube is mainly used on communication optical fibers. It will never come into contact with the above strong acids and alkalis in its life. Chemical substances, as a propagandist of silicone products, we need to tell our customers the good and bad advantages and disadvantages of silicone, this is the winding silicone tube, it is not perfect, it also has disadvantages. With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality winding silicone tubes