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What is the difference between LED flexible transparent silicone tubing and PVC transparent tubing?

  First of all, in the market, LED flexible transparent silicone sleeves are often more expensive than PVC transparent silicone sleeves. As for why, I don’t know why it may be out of the material area, or it may be that the advantages of LED flexible transparent silicone sleeves are more obvious. The difference between the two can be distinguished by the burning method and the length of use. First of all, most LED flexible transparent silicone sleeves are made of platinum vulcanization system, so it is a non-toxic, tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly product. Smelling the LED flexible transparent silicone sleeve with your nose will not have any smell. Yes, PVC transparent sleeve is a branch of modified plastic materials. It will have a slight smell if it is hot-extruded and water-molded. If you can’t distinguish the difference between the two, you can hold the product against your nose. Just smell it (the smell is relatively mild, it is not recommended to use this method to distinguish).
  If you can’t smell the difference between the two, then just look at the price. The LED flexible transparent silicone sleeve is made of pure gas phase, and the price is relatively expensive in the LED strip industry (the material itself can pass the ROHS2.0 level and is an environmentally friendly product. ), and the PVC transparent sleeve itself is cheap, and some products will contain plasticizers, which are relatively polluting products (and some can be environmentally friendly), which often directly leads to LED flexible transparent silicone sleeves. The price is higher than that of PVC transparent sleeves. In other words, LED transparent silicone sleeves may be defined in the mid-to-high-end field, while most PVC transparent sleeves are positioned in the mid-to-low-end field. If customers can’t tell the difference, just look at the price. Silicone is high and PVC is low, it's as simple as that.
  This method of distinction is the most practical, which is the "burning" law. It is mentioned above that the LED flexible transparent silicone sleeve product is non-toxic and tasteless even if it is burning (except double 24). Its ashes are off-white solid to the touch It will be broken into a white powder state, and these white powders will not have an impact on the environment, and they will re-aggregate underground into silicon ore through the operation of nature. The PVC transparent silicone sleeve is made of plastic materials. When it burns, there will be black smoke and a strong pungent smell, while the ashes are black paste and need to harden slowly. Black smoke and black burning materials will have a huge impact on the environment. The summary is that the silica gel does not smell and the ashes are off-white, while the PVC transparent silicone sleeve is the opposite.
  Another way to differentiate is the product performance. The LED flexible transparent silicone sleeve has good weather resistance and can work in an environment of -40~200° without brittle cracks, water leakage, aging resistance, UV resistance, etc. LED flexible transparent silicone casing can work for a long time under outdoor ultraviolet rays for a long time, allowing the silicone to be exposed outdoors for many years without yellowing, but PVC transparent casing can not achieve this temperature resistance effect, and its temperature resistance range is about -30~100°. They are all relatively extreme. Another concurrent problem is that PVC transparent sleeves will accelerate aging and yellowing when they are above 50°, and silica gel needs to be above 120° to accelerate yellowing. However, one advantage of PCV transparent sleeves is that they are very transparent. Has very rapid yellowing.
   The above are the ways to distinguish LED flexible transparent silicone sleeves from PVC transparent sleeves. From smell to price to positioning, from combustion method to product practicability, we can probably distinguish them as long as we use any one of them.

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