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Production process and product analysis of wrapped silicone hose

It is a silicone tube   before it is cut by the winding machine . It is only for the convenience of product use, so a secondary processing process is required. Let us omit the extrusion process of the silicone tube, and directly process the production process of the winding silicone tube. The first step needs to be the winding machine. Adjust the machine and adjust the programming, otherwise the product cannot be cut in a regular way, resulting in defective products. Now every cutting line and specification of the wound silicone tube on the market is very standardized, very beautiful and practical. The end of the wound silicone tube is pushed forward through a programmed winding machine for regular cutting, which is the basic process of winding silicone tube production.
  Wrapping the silicone tube is necessary to wrap the optical fiber so that it can communicate and work normally, and protect it from external influences. Since most of the optical fibers are to be buried in the ground, the requirements for winding silicone tubes are relatively high, and some optical fibers are exposed in a closed environment. The above environments are relatively harsh environments. If ordinary materials are used, it is likely to be damaged. This kind of environmental erosion accelerates the aging or cracks and affects the work of the optical fiber. In the subsequent research and development, people found a material called silica gel to wrap the optical fiber and achieved good social response. (Note: The winding silicone tube cannot seal the optical fiber due to cutting, and there will be a layer of sealing material on the outside of the optical fiber.) As for why the winding silicone tube is made like this, it is actually to facilitate the maintenance of the optical fiber in the future and the convenience of production and assembly.
  The working environment of the optical fiber is not good. It is necessary to wrap the silicone tube to have excellent anti-corrosion and anti-aging effects. The silicone material can effectively prevent the erosion of the product in a closed environment, because the long-term accumulation of oxygen and volatiles in the sealed space continues to expand outward. The substances blocked by erosion will be slowly eroded by winding silicone tubes and optical fibers after years of accumulation, so it is necessary to have a convenient maintenance and effective anti-aging and anti-corrosion functions, in order to maximize the life of the wrapped silicone tube We often use high-quality silicone raw materials to make it, which has better physical properties than ordinary silicone, can adapt to various environments and can work stably for a long time. With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality winding silicone tubes