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How to judge high-quality foam silicone hose?

  How to judge high-quality foamed silicone tubes is first of all to meet customer requirements. It can be properly improved on the basis of customer requirements but cannot deviate from customer requirements. Otherwise, how perfect the product is made by our suppliers cannot meet the actual application of customers. It's all empty talk, so the definition of high-quality foamed silicone tube is to make the product that the customer thinks in the heart is a good product, which is the definition of high quality, think what the customer wants to do the product that the customer wants to make, no matter when and where The ground is perfect, the premise is that it needs to be on a reasonable basis.
  Judging whether the foamed silicone tube product itself is a high-quality product, I personally suggest that customers adhere to their own original intentions to judge, and the method is "look, smell, ask, and cut." A "belt mark" is a scratch in technical terms. There is a long mark on the surface of the product that cannot be erased. The serious problem is that the product life will be shortened or even cause the product to be directly broken and damaged when the product is actually used. In addition, A "view" is to look at the size, shape and surface particles of the product. Many manufacturers have to strengthen their professional technology or are hindered by machinery and equipment. What their customers require is a round foamed silicone tube, and it is made into an oval shape, and some Manufacturers have not been doing foaming for a long time and lack of experience will cause the surface of the product to be granular, especially when making black foamed silicone tubes. To cover up the particles, the replacement of the hose with the platinum foam system will significantly reduce the particles).
  The next step is "smell". Didn't we talk about double 24 foamed silicone tubes and platinum foamed silicone tubes at the beginning? In fact, the simplest and most practical way is to "smell" it. Double 24 foam products will have a slight pungent smell because the foaming agents used in the two are different, so the products produced are also different. Platinum foamed silicone tubes have higher safety performance, but the price will be more expensive than the former. It is non-toxic and tasteless and can pass FDA certification to meet food-grade requirements. Once you "smell" the odorless foamed silicone tube, its quality is often a relatively high product.
  "Ask" is very easy to understand. Before deciding whether to use foamed silicone tubes, I believe that our customers have already inquired about the products. You can directly ask your suppliers whether the products are high-quality products. You can also ask friends who have used foaming products before, and you can also ask some product performance and actual parameters. If you can’t ask others, ask yourself why you choose this product. You can also take samples for testing. Let the test results not ask yourself "again".
  The meaning of "cut" can be commonly referred to as product performance. We have talked about the performance of silicone rubber many times before. The characteristic of foamed silicone tube is that the foaming process is similar to sponge, which is very friendly and soft, and is suitable for use on various equipment such as : Fitness equipment, bicycles, etc., also have excellent high temperature resistance and shock absorption characteristics, and the foamed silicone tube can also achieve certain characteristics after adding some auxiliary materials like silicone, for example, after adding a high temperature resistant agent The foamed silicone tube can reach a high temperature resistance of 300°, or add a flame retardant to make it reach the flame retardant V0 level.
  Foamed silicone tube is an excellent product, so we can't judge it from a single angle, we need to judge whether it is a high-quality product from our own angle, if we only need its shock absorption effect, then even if you It is made into an oval shape without affecting the use of customers. We can also regard it as a high-quality foamed silicone tube. Of course, everyone and customers hope that it can meet the requirements and exceed expectations, and we in Dongguan Yutian has always been thinking about what customers think, doing what customers do, meeting customer requirements is our foundation, and exceeding customer expectations is our core.

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