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How to determine whether the price of foam silicone hose is reasonable?

  Foamed silicone tube is different from silicone extrusion in terms of raw materials. Foamed silicone tube belongs to the direction of research and development and promotion of many companies in recent years. It uses high-concentration silica gel as the base material and is made with auxiliary materials. There is no low-concentration silica gel in the foam silicone tube. There is already a threshold to distinguish from the raw material point of view. In addition, the foam tube is made by dismantling the traditional silicone tube with a density of 1.2 into some <1.2 densities, so that the same density becomes smaller naturally. It's even more comfortable. The density foaming process seems simple and we can all understand that the so-called layman sees the way and the insider sees the way. In fact, it accounts for 20% of the difficulty of the entire foaming process, precisely because the two steps from raw materials to foaming process are relatively Traditional extruded products have a high threshold, which will affect the final price of foamed silicone tubes.
  The difference between vulcanizing agents: because the foamed silicone tube is a new extrusion process, its choice of vulcanizing agent will definitely not be the traditional foaming agent. At present, this foaming agent is favored by our industry. It is called a foaming agent, and the price of this auxiliary material is also relatively expensive. After all, this process is a new process with a high popularity. Manufacturers of materials will use this to raise prices, and manufacturers of silicone products such as foamed silicone tubes have to convey the idea of ​​price increases to customers (every time before a price increase, there will be irresistible reasons, and there is no supplier in any link that does not I hope the market is stable), many customers feel that the price quoted by our foamed silicone tube manufacturer is unreasonable, but in fact, why don’t we have our own difficulties?
  Our company welcomes everyone who purchases foamed silicone tubes to visit the company for field inspections. After seeing the production process with your own eyes or being able to judge whether the price of the foamed silicone tube is reasonable, the post-baking process of the foamed silicone tube will be as far as the machine is concerned. Longer than traditional back. With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality foamed silicone tubes