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Integrated extrusion molding process for silicone corrugated pipes

The mainstream production process of silicone bellows is double-machine extrusion, which is troublesome and time-consuming to replace the machine head. Today, I will introduce the silicone bellows process of single-head extrusion. This process can not only eliminate the traditional assembly of double-head molds After all, it is one-piece extrusion, and other silicone products can be extruded immediately after the silicone bellows are extruded, the production efficiency has been greatly improved, and the process has been simplified.
  The advantage of this process to produce silicone corrugated tubes is that it combines two heads and two dies into one, which means that it has two feed ports, one can extrude the inner tube of the silicone corrugated tube, and the other can extrude the outer wall of the inner tube. If you do not need to extrude the silicone corrugated tube but extrude the silicone tube, you only need to stop the other inlet. Of course, when extruding the inner tube of the silicone bellows, it is an extrusion system, while extruding the reinforcing ribs on the outer wall is another system. These two processes can be used separately or combined without interfering with each other. The two systems control the speed of the rollers according to a certain ratio to simultaneously extrude the silicone bellows at one time.
  And if you need to change the size of the silicone corrugated tube, it is the same as the traditional method of changing the mold, so you don't need to spend time thinking about the method used in the process. In addition, these processes can also be applied to products such as two-color silicone straws and silicone developing tubes. , the two heads can work at the same time but each has its own control system, the silicone bellows front oven and the silica gel post oven use the same extrusion and sulfuration oven. With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality silicone bellows