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Why is the price of fluorosilicone hose so high?

  Because of the fission of the main chain structure of the fluorosilicone tube polymer, it is more inclined to contain a fluoroalkyl main chain. This situation directly leads to the performance of the silicone tube in a certain special field being multiplied several times. As for why it is fission to the fluoroalkyl main chain ? That's because the silicone tube has a variety of excellent performance characteristics, but it is not resistant to acid, alkali and oily substances. This defect has caused the silicone tube to stop in many industries.
  After years of research and development, it has been found that adding expensive fluorine materials to silica gel will make the silicone tube perfectly compensate for its own defects. However, due to the high price of fluorine materials, the price of fluorine silicone tubes remains high. Many customers hope that the silica gel can resist acid and alkali. But the flame was extinguished by its price, which really makes people love and hate it. However, I would like to remind everyone that the high price of fluorosilicone tubes is determined by the concentration of the fluorosilicone material. Often customers have little knowledge of fluorosilicone materials, so the supply room always quotes according to the high concentration of fluorosilicone. Naturally, the price is not much cheaper. , so when the customer thinks the price of fluorosilicone tube is very high, please first understand your product and choose the appropriate concentration of fluorosilicone, which will avoid the occurrence of overcapacity and reduce the price appropriately.
  Another aspect of the high price of fluorosilicone tubes is that their impeccable performance cannot be replaced by other silicone tubes. When a product that cannot be replaced appears in the market, its price must remain high. The main performance of fluorosilicone tube is its excellent resistance to chemical corrosion (acid and alkali, oily substances, high-concentration corrosion environment) and it is accompanied by very good high and low temperature resistance (-68°~232°). The only silicone material that is resistant to oils and solvents and can retain its properties even with the addition of a small amount of fluorosilicone.
  Where is the main application field of such expensive materials added to silicone tubes? Fluorosilicone tubes generally seldom appear in large quantities in our field of vision. Because of its price, many companies will use them reasonably. Even if necessary, they will often choose other materials to replace silica gel, or use a small amount of fluorosilicone material. Its main market lies in automobiles, aviation, shipbuilding, aerospace, military industry, etc. For example, the silicone tubes near the car engine are added with fluorine-silicon material. In short, most of them are used in the connecting pipes near the engine or the engine. But with the continuous development of the technology, I believe that one day there will be a material with affordable price and stable performance to replace fluorosilicon, so its price will naturally drop.

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