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A 30mm neon light strip silicone sleeve with a positive light emitting surface

  After several years of precipitation in the silicone sleeve market for neon lights, Dongguan Yutian found that customers gradually began to produce products with a single function and needed a diversified product transition . On the basis of the strip silicone sleeve, several sets of neon strip silicone sleeve molds are added, including the 30mm neon strip silicone sleeve with positive light emitting surface that we introduce to you today.
  The front light-emitting surface 30mm refers to the size of the surface that can diffuse the light source when the light source reaches the silicone diffusion surface. Of course, the wider the light-emitting surface, the better. The wider the light-emitting surface, the better it will be for our production and manufacturing. It is quite difficult. The 30mm light-emitting surface needs to open a set of molds with a width of more than 35mm to cooperate with dual-head extrusion. Fortunately, it has been officially opened to the market and customers. In addition, when the light-emitting surface reaches 30mm, the volume of the neon strip silicone sleeve will also increase, which means that the unit price of the product will rise. In order to solve customer troubles as much as possible, the company tries to hollow out the upper and lower walls during the research and development process without affecting the performance of the neon strip silicone sleeve. , can also be reduced on a single weight.
  From the perspective of the performance of the silicone sleeve of the neon light strip, when the high-intensity light source reaches the diffusion surface through conduction, and the glare light source is converted into a soft diffusion to the outside through the adjustment of the silica gel, then what is the effect of the 30mm positive light? The traditional neon strip silicone sleeve has a wide enough light-emitting surface, and the natural light source diffusion range will also be limited. If it is replaced with 30mm, the light source can light up a range of ≥30mm through the silicone diffusion surface, which means that the 30mm positively glowing neon strip silicone sleeve Although its lighting space will be greatly improved, and the range of illumination will be larger, which is the original intention of designing this large-diameter and large-luminous surface neon strip silicone sleeve. The premise is that a high-power PCB board is required, otherwise the silicone sleeve may not be able to move, or you can see obvious dark areas or light spots after lighting it up.
The physical picture of the silicone sleeve product of the neon light strip with a positive light-emitting surface of 30mm:

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