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What is the effect of silicone tube vulcanizing agent on silicone vulcanization?

  First of all, we need to know what is a platinum vulcanizing agent and what is a double-two-fourth vulcanizing agent. The platinum vulcanizing agent mainly has excellent dispersion in the process of extruding the silicone tube. , In addition, platinum vulcanization will not have volatile substances or toxic and harmful atmosphere when the silicone tube is extruded or practiced, so the silicone tube with platinum vulcanizing agent can meet the requirements of FDA, LFGB, NSF, etc., and is mostly used in food Most of them are in medical treatment, so among many vulcanizing agents, I personally suggest that silicone extrusion manufacturers can choose platinum vulcanization system to make products, which can not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure environmental protection, and is also safe and reliable.
  The double 24 vulcanizing agent and double 25 pentasulfurizing agent are generally called peroxide curing systems, and the production of silicone tubes generally does not use double 25 sulfur, so I will not introduce it today. Some manufacturers will use double Two or four vulcanizing agents, but there will be obvious disadvantages that we must point out. If the silicone tube vulcanizing agent is double two or four vulcanizing agents, the finished product of the silicone tube will have a smell, and it is easy to cause the product to yellow quickly. Generally, in industrial or It is mostly used in light industry.
  In short, the greater influence of the vulcanizing agent on the vulcanization of the silicone tube is that the vulcanization speed is accelerated, which is used to improve the extrusion speed and production efficiency of the silicone tube and improve the safety performance. The temperature needs to be controlled in the whole process of vulcanization of the silicone tube, and there is strict temperature control from rubber refining to extrusion, which can directly affect the quality of the silicone tube product. The reason for controlling the temperature during rubber refining is to stabilize the cross-linking reaction between silica gel and vulcanizing agent, while during extrusion production, it is high-temperature vulcanization. This reason is to improve production efficiency. Like all chemical reactions, vulcanization will increase with temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the vulcanization speed of the silicone tube. With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on only providing customers with high-quality silicone tubes