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Can large-diameter silicone hoses be extruded for mass production?

  First of all, it is certain that large-diameter silicone tubes can be produced by extruders. After our research and development, we have confirmed that our company can produce large-diameter silicone tubes within 160mm under the premise of replacing the machine head. The conventional machine head is currently The production of silicone tubes over 70mm cannot be achieved.
  Extrusion requirements for large-caliber silicone tubes : For vertical extruder production, firstly, the larger vertical extruders are extruded vertically from top to bottom, and the original head is replaced with a large-caliber head for production. If a horizontal machine is used for production, the upper wall of the silica gel will naturally collapse during the period when it passes through the machine head and has not yet reached the vulcanization oven, thus sticking to the lower wall. The walls stick together and cannot be stretched apart, resulting in deformation of the large-diameter silicone tube. The force of the vertical machine from top to bottom is parallel and there will be no collapse. After entering the oven and adding vulcanization, the solid shape will not collapse in the finished product.
  The reason why the production process is limited is that the wall thickness of most large-diameter silicone tubes is relatively thin, but there is always a limit to thinness. From the field of silicone extrusion, the wall thickness of such large-diameter silicone tubes is recommended It should not be less than 1.5mm. If the wall thickness is too thin, the product will be eccentric or the left and right wall thickness will be asymmetrical, and it may also cause the wall thickness to exceed the plus or minus tolerance range required by the customer. The size of the silicone tube is not controlled by the machine control system. After extrusion, it is either a problem of wall thickness or a problem of positive and negative tolerances of inner and outer diameters. From the perspective of normal extrusion requirements, the wall thickness of the large-diameter silicone tube needs to be above 1.5mm and within 17mm, which is the best range.
  Factory development, because most of the large-diameter silicone tubes are thin-walled and difficult to produce, and the defect rate must be at least 30%, and who should be responsible for the 30% caused by the production process? This restricts the development of a factory, not that the large-diameter silicone tube cannot be extruded, but that it is unwilling to extrude the production. First of all, it takes longer than usual to debug the head of the large-diameter silicone tube, which affects the daily production capacity of the extruder, which also affects the development of the factory. Except for some special large-caliber silicone tubes that are welcomed by many production factories, Others are gradually being abandoned by many factories, such as in the power industry: silicone busbar tubes, which are large-diameter silicone tubes, are sought after by many manufacturers. In the development of factories, everyone likes silicone products with large quantities and improved production efficiency. Large-diameter silicone tubes that cannot improve production efficiency are being extended to new processes, so large-scale silicone extruders can directly extrude large-diameter silicone tubes so that production efficiency can be improved without affecting factory development.

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