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Test parameter results of conductive shielding silicone strip

  Conductive shielding silicone strips have excellent resistance to salt spray, because similar to communication chassis it may be assembled in a variety of environments, and salt spray is a strong corrosion environment, conductive shielding silicone strips can still be used in this harsh environment Good sealing performance in the environment can also ensure that communication chassis products can work stably in a safe and sealed environment.
  However, the performance parameters of conductive shielding silicone strip products need to be tested from multiple aspects such as volume resistivity, density, and tensile strength, in order to prove the official parameter report of the product (the above products are the test results of commonly used products in the market)
1. The volume resistivity (Ω*cm) adopts MIL-DTL-83528C detection method and the test result data of elastic conductive shielding strip is: 0.02~0.004Ω*cm
2. Density: Because the density of conventional silica gel is 1.2, and the conductive shielding silica gel strip is produced with a combination of silica gel and conductive materials, its density will change accordingly. The test result of ISO 2781 is 2.1~2.4 (as the density of conductive materials changes will change appropriately)
3. Tensile strength: It is the tensile strength Mpa we often say. The conductive shielding silicone strip is quite weak compared to the silicone strip. Compared with the addition of conductive materials, it will change. The tensile strength is 3.5~ after ISO 37 testing Between 4.1Mpa, the ordinary silicone tube will reach above 6Mpa
4. Tear strength: The product has been tested by ISO34-1C and its product result is 160~200N/mm. It will naturally lose some properties when it has conductive shielding and other properties.
5. Compression permanent deformation: The test method is 100°C/168H. When the product is assembled into the card slot, it is 9.3% after 168 hours of work at a high temperature of 100°. Any product will definitely or Being more or less affected is just a matter of degree.
6. Shielding performance: This is a very important performance of conductive shielding silicone strips . It is unique and cannot be possessed by ordinary silicone. After the MIL-STD-285 test, the structure is 130DB. More than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with Provide high quality conductive shielding silicone strips