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Physical performance characteristics of conductive shielding silicone strip products

  Before assembling the finished conductive shielding silicone strip, the double-sided tape needs to be torn off, and the strip is inserted into the casing according to the conductive side upwards. The double-sided tape may not be able to touch the bottom of the card slot for pasting, so it requires a person . Press down hard so that it can touch the bottom to work. Note that in the process of pressing the conductive shielding silicone strip to paste, it is not allowed to scratch the side covered with conductive material, otherwise it will cause the physical performance of the product to decline, and in severe cases, the product may be lost. Physical properties such as shielding and conductivity will be lost, and then the product is closed to test whether the physical properties of the conductive shielding silicone strip are qualified. If the product is unqualified, the conductive shielding silicone strip needs to be molded and replaced until the equipment can be used in a sealed environment. Until no exception occurs.
  Conductive shielding silicone strip product performance characteristics:
1. Volume resistivity: The product has passed the MIL-DTL-83528C test standard. Among them, the volume resistivity of the silicone strip with silver and aluminum as the conductive shielding material is 0.004Ω*cm, and the volume resistivity of the shielded silica gel strip with nickel/carbon conductive material It is 0.02Ω*cm, because there are only these four materials on the market and no other conductive materials have been found.
2. Shielding performance: Shielding performance refers to the outward diffusion of electromagnetic radiation during operation, which is how much radiation the shielding material can shield. Material shielding performance can reach 110~130DB
3. Compression permanent deformation: Because the conductive shielding silicone strip is a kind of sealing product, it will be compressed and sealed for a long time by closing up and down. If the product needs to be re-closed after opening the box for maintenance, if the product does not have good compression permanent deformation performance at this time, it will return. If the product cannot be bounced or sealed, it will cause water leakage damage to the product. After the product has passed the aging compression test, the product’s rebound rate is still as high as 90%. The actual compression permanent variable needs to be determined according to the actual application environment of the product. The special environment affects the aging compression erosion rate. There will be a certain impact. The above test values ​​are based on reference to the natural environment (-40~180° natural environment).
4. Environmental protection performance: according to the current international regulations, most products must meet the environmental protection requirements, and the conductive shielding silicone strip is no exception. The silicone itself can actually meet the environmental protection requirements, and after adding conductive materials, it forms a kind of Can the type products still meet the ROHS environmental protection requirements? The answer is that silver aluminum itself is not a polluting product, and silica gel is not a combination of the two. Naturally, it can meet the ROHS environmental protection performance requirements.

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