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Overview of a conductive shielding silicone strip product

  We first need to disassemble the conductive material and silica gel. They are not related to each other, but people combine these two materials to achieve multiple functions based on market demand and actual products. Among them, silica gel is used as a compressible seal, waterproof, dustproof, shock absorption, etc., because the performance of silicone tubes in many sealing materials has been affirmed by everyone. The conductive material is wrapped on the surface of the silica gel, and its back has no support. It belongs to a kind of additive and is mostly used on the surface or inside of the product. At this time, the surface of the silicone strip also has some new properties because it is wrapped with a conductive material. , that is the electrical conductivity and excellent electromagnetic shielding function.
  Conductive shielding silicone strips can prevent communication set-top boxes, communication mobile chassis, and some smart electronic devices from electromagnetic interference, and improve the life of operation in harsh environments such as water mist, and the current process can realize customized product specifications and shapes. Including some special requirements, the general conductive shielding silicone strip needs to be processed after being extruded.
special treatment), so that the performance of the two interfaces can be consistent with other parts. In order to make the sealing and waterproof effect better, the back glue treatment can be carried out in the sealing groove to meet the different application requirements of customers.
  At present, conductive shielding silicone strips are mainly used in 5G construction, communication equipment, smart electronics, medical equipment cables, new energy and other products. It should be noted that conductive shielding silicone strips are different from conventional conductive strips. Other products do not have electromagnetic shielding function.

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