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What are the specifications of silicone hoses for flow type peristaltic pumps

  The silicone tube of the peristaltic pump is mainly used in the drainage of special liquids such as medicinal liquids and nutrients. Since the peristaltic pump will vibrate when pumping out the liquid, the silicone tube must have sufficient life and wear resistance to prevent it from breaking. Therefore, due to special requirements, domestic materials are difficult to meet, so basically imported materials are mainly used, and the model size and requirements in the market are relatively fixed, and there are few more alternative specifications. Next, we will produce silicone tubes for peristaltic pumps. Let's start with three categories of specifications to uncover its mystery.
  The first type is micro-flow peristaltic pump silicone tube. It has no popular name, but the wall thickness of the peristaltic pump silicone tube only has two specifications: 0.86mm and 1mm. The specifications of the moving pump silicone tube are: 0.13*0.86, 0.5*0.86, 0.86* 0.86, 1.52*0.86, 2.06*0.86, 2.4*0.86, 2.79*0.86, 3.17*0.86, 3.17*0.86, 1*1, 2*1, 3*1 and other 11 specifications, they are collectively called micro-flow tubes, The pressure of these specifications can reach continuous 0.1Mpa interval 0.1S.
  The second type: basic flow type peristaltic pump silicone tube, these are the most used sizes and specifications, and there are also clear classifications in the market, because it has many wall thickness specifications, so it has a popular name for the convenience of distinguishing them. All the following dimensions are inner tube * wall thickness, 13# peristaltic pump silicone tube specification: 0.8*1.6mm, 14# tube specification: 1.6*1.6mm, 19# tube specification: 2.4*1.6mm, 16# tube specification : 3.1*1.6mm, 25# tube specification: 4.8*1.6mm, 17# tube specification: 6.4*1.6mm, 18# tube specification: 7.9*1.6mm, 15# tube specification 4.8*2.4mm, 24# tube specification: 6.4*2.4mm, 35# tube specification: 7.9*2.4mm, 36# tube specification: 9.6*2.4mm
  The third type: This type of peristaltic pump silicone tube is mostly industrial, and generally not used in pharmaceuticals. And its supporting specifications and wall thickness are generally relatively large. It is mainly divided into 73# tube specification: 9.5 (inner diameter) * 3.3 (wall thickness), 82# tube specification: 12.7*3.3mm, 86# tube specification: 9.5*6.3mm, 90# Tube Specifications: 19*6.3mm, 88# Tube Specifications: 12.7*4.8mm, 92# Tube Specifications: 25.4*4.8mm
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