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Preliminary understanding of silicone tube raw materials

  Silicone tube raw materials are supplied by many companies in the market, including some imported raw materials that are also sold domestically (generally more expensive), such as domestic Elkem Silicone, Tangshan Sanyou, Hubei Xingfa, Shandong Jinling, Zhejiang Xin'an, China Tian, ​​Hesheng, Guilin Yutian, etc. are all well-known manufacturers of silicone tube raw materials, and Dongguan Yutian, as a member of silicone tube products, naturally cannot do without them. Of course, there are also some foreign high-grade silicone tube raw materials, such as Wacker, Dow Corning, Shin-Etsu, Momentive, KCC, etc. So far, our company has mainly used domestic raw materials for silicone tubes, and imported them as auxiliary methods.
  The gas-phase rubber silicone tube adopts Xin'an Tianyu silicone rubber as the main specification. At present, our company has reached a partnership with Xin'an Tianyu Silicone Company for many years, and Xin'an Tianyu Silicone Company is very good in the silicone industry. I believe that anyone who knows about silica gel will know Xin'an Tianyu Company. The raw material of silicone tube has a decisive influence on silicone products, including the hardness of silicone tube, the transparency of silicone tube, the wear resistance of silicone tube, the stretching and tearing of silicone tube and other properties. For example: when a customer needs a 50° silicone tube, we need to prepare 50° raw materials, so the hardness of the silicone tube depends on the hardness of the silicone raw material and cannot be changed later. There is also a transparency, the higher the transparency of the silicone tube, the higher the raw material, and vice versa.
  The company has very strict requirements on the raw materials of silicone tubes, because this is the most important quality link of our silicone tube products. Among the many silicone suppliers, the company leaders choose Xin'an Tianyu. If all imported silicone rubber is used as the base material, the production cost will be much higher. Even domestic silicone tube raw material suppliers must be cautious. After years of cooperation with Xin'an Tianyu, it is found that the quality of the silicone tube raw materials is relatively stable and not prone to customer failure. We have little contact with other raw material suppliers, and we cannot deny that Yutian Company adheres to the principle of fairness and justice and welcomes domestic silicone raw material suppliers to send samples and contact us.
  There are also customers in the market who need more special raw materials for silicone tubes, including special high-temperature-resistant silicone tube raw materials. This does not require the addition of high-temperature-resistant agents and only needs to be mixed and extruded, because the raw materials have already been added when making raw materials. For high temperature agent, the conventional raw material is milky white or translucent, while the high temperature resistant glue is iron red.
Physical map of silicone tube raw material products:

product physical map made of silicone raw materials:

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