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What is the effect of diffusion powder on the silicone lampshade of linear lamps?

  Silicone lampshades were mostly made of plastic before, but because the plastic is prone to yellowing and cannot be bent into shape, we use silica gel to replace some plastics with insufficient functions. We also hope that silica gel can achieve better results. Diffusion powder can help the silicone lampshade to volatilize the light effect better. In the traditional silicone lampshade without diffusion powder, the luminous effect is uneven and the luminous rate is not high. Now, after adding it, the luminous rate can reach 80% after testing. The luminous effect is better if the percentage is above .
  The principle is that the linear lamp has a card slot for wearing through the PCB board, while the silicone is used above the PCB board to cover the internal components to prevent premature aging when exposed to the environment. When the light source is emitted, it must pass through the silicone lampshade, and then through the silicone lampshade, the light will be volatilized to the outside to achieve lighting and other functions. If the product does not add diffusion powder, the light source will be chaotic and uneven, and there will be certain The harshness that occurs is, in our words, not soft enough, which affects product performance and buyer confidence. If the silicone lampshade has diffusion powder added, when the light source passes through the silica gel, the diffusion powder will absorb and process the light, and then volatilize to the outside world. At this time, the volatilized light is not only bright but also very soft, even the volatilization range will increase a lot So everyone is more inclined to the latter.
  The second affects the performance of the silicone lampshade, because the linear lamp will have a slight radiation when it is driven (not enough to cause damage to the human body). When the radiation reaches the silicone lampshade through driving, it will block the radiation and reduce the radiation again. Add diffusion powder After adjusting again, the volatilization to the outside world is almost negligible and completely negligible. The silicone lampshade will develop from milky white to single yellow after working in front of the PCB board for a long time, which is what we call yellowing. After adding diffusing powder, the conductive silicone tube will effectively reduce the yellowing process.
Diffusion powder product real shot: After adding the diffusion powder, the real picture of the linear lamp silicone lampshade: more than 20 years of production management experience, we only provide customers with high-quality linear lamp silicone lampshades