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What is the position of silicone tubes in industrial equipment

   Silicone tubes are mostly transparent in terms of industrial equipment, because it is necessary to observe whether the gas or liquid in the pipeline is in normal circulation, or because industrial equipment is used more in hospitals or scientific research units, in order to meet the serious and solemn atmosphere, silicone tubes should not be over-colored. Heavy, according to my personal understanding is the above two reasons. As for the status of silicone tubes in industrial equipment, it is undoubtedly very important. Let's give an example. For example, the silicone weak straw of the teeth cleaning machine has multiple functions such as suction, air guidance, medicine liquid guidance, and drainage. If you Tubes made of other materials will easily deteriorate the liquid, and will also produce odor and toxic gas emissions. If it enters the human body or touches the human body, the consequences will be unimaginable, so a safe material is needed to perform the above work. Therefore, the silicone tube is very important in the dental cleaning machine. One of the components, and vice versa in other industrial equipment.
  In addition, some silicone tubes can enter the human body to work or be implanted into the human body (our company has not yet achieved this function), presumably many people have seen gastroscopy and local surgery of the urinary system, and they need to be used in gastroscopy The silicone tube enters the human body and works for a short time to feed back the inspection results. The status of this type of industrial equipment is very important. It needs to wrap some electronic components in the tube and ensure their work. In the urinary system industrial equipment, the role of the silicone tube is to enter the human body to assist the system in urination or drainage of fluid, etc. All the above-mentioned industrial equipment requires the silicone tube to be absolutely safe and stable and cannot be sloppy.
   Of course, as industrial equipment becomes more and more certain about the silicone material, there are currently some very high-end silicone tubes in the market, which can enter the human body for long-term work and even replace them through the external assistance of industrial equipment. Presumably, everyone is familiar with silicone breast augmentation surgery. But you must have never heard that silicone tubes can be used as conduits for human lacrimal glands to assist in drainage (our company does not have the production of silicone tubes that enter the human body for long-term work), but in these industries, silicone tubes have become the most important part and industrial equipment It is the auxiliary silicone tube. In a word, silicone tubes and industrial equipment are complementary and indispensable. Of course, in some specific industries, silicone tubes are only secondary auxiliary parts, but they are also one of the important components of the entire system. Scaler silicone strong straw and toothwash silicone weak straw Product physical map and application diagram: More than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality silicone tubes