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Difference in extrusion process between silicone tube and dual color silicone tube

  Silicone tube is the most important component in silicone extrusion, and the two-color silicone tube is a rising star. It is a new product developed on the basis of silicone tubes. Representative products in silicone tubes include food-grade silicone tubes, peristaltic pump silicone tubes, and transparent Silicone tubes, etc. These products have a common feature, that is, there is only one color in the whole body, either transparent or colored, and in terms of functionality, they are also relatively single, either flame retardant or food grade. The main representative products in the two-color silicone tube are: silicone developing tube , LED neon strip silicone sleeve , two-color silicone straw, etc. The appearance of these products will have two colors, which may be milky white + transparent color, or white + cyan, etc. These colors have the function of shading and diffusion, and some of them are aesthetic. From the perspective of the extrusion process, the silicone tube only needs to prepare one kind of rubber and one color blindness, while the two-color silicone tube is just the opposite. It needs to prepare two kinds of materials. The two kinds of color masterbatches must be mixed separately and cannot be combined touch.
  First of all, in terms of the ease of production and production, I suggest that you use a horizontal machine to produce two-color silicone tubes or silicone tubes. This type of machine is relatively mature in technology and easy to control in size. In our daily production of silicone tubes, we usually only need to put the raw materials into the feed port and then add vulcanization through the mold mouth to form a rough product. Silicone tubes need major molds and positive and negative tolerances in the production process, so I won’t say too much The principle of silicone tube introduced is very simple.
The physical picture of the extrusion of the silicone tube product:

  the two-color silicone tube is extruded with two dies and two molds, and it is very different from the silicone tube just from the preparation of the material. Do not mix the raw materials of the two colors during the material preparation process. Practice together, otherwise the extrusion will be an irregular two-color silicone tube. First, remove the die head of the horizontal machine and splice it with another horizontal machine. Splice the outlet of the A die head to the mold storage material of the B die head. (Note that the raw material of the silicone tube extruded by A die head is A color, and B die head extrudes B color from the main die head). The color B is then extruded from the same mold port. At this time, the double-die head is pushed to the mold at the same speed, and the mold is made according to the customer's design. The two-color silicone tube will be divided into inner mold and outer mold. , the two dies extrude two colors without interfering with each other so as to complement each other to extrude two-color silicone tubes. Of course, with the continuous improvement of technology, there are also silicone rubber two-color integrated extruders in the world.
Two-color silicone tube extrusion die assembly diagram (original is not easy, please do not steal the picture, thank you): More than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality silicone tubes and two-color silicone tubes