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21 * 49 Silicone Bus Tube Product Introduction

  Since it is a product introduction, let’s start to understand the characteristics, application fields, and product knowledge of the silicone busbar tube. Presumably everyone knows the State Grid. It needs to transmit current when generating electricity. The voltage at this time is very high. Some can reach 35KV and require large-volume copper rods to conduct current and work with large-diameter silicone busbars to safely achieve conduction and insulation.
  Silicone busbar tubes have excellent electrical breakdown resistance and anti-aging effects. The reason for this high requirement is that the terminal voltage is high and conventional power tubes are easily broken down by voltage and cause leakage. Its anti-aging is because the silicone busbar is exposed to the environment for a long time and is easily corroded by impurities such as rainwater. Therefore, it is necessary for the product to have excellent performance in these functions, otherwise it cannot be used on the cable, or the terminal part of the cable is not easy to replace, and it needs a material with high life and good performance to use. At present, all plastic products Silica gel can be regarded as a new type of material with more and more excellent characteristics.
  Application field: Silicone busbar tube is a collection cable on the power terminal. The caliber is much larger than other terminals and it is easy to confirm. In the field of electric power, it means that the high-power current silicone busbar tube is transmitted to each power tube. Not only that, many large communities and cities have their own generators. At this time, silicone busbars are also needed to conduct and transmit current. Its main fields are divided into civilian (community, supermarket integrated circuits) and state-owned (integrated circuits) and so on. The reason for this design is to gather all the currents through the silicone bus tube and make it easy to distinguish, otherwise it will be inconvenient to assemble if there are too many lines, and it uses silicone as the insulating part. It has good physical laziness and will not cause physical deformation during use. Change.
  The use scenario of silicone busbar is the output conduction pipe between the substation and the transformer. I believe that in the future development process, this product will be widely promoted in more areas and more widely used.

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