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Analysis and Sharing of Silicon Rubber Bus Tube Extrusion Production Process

  Silicone rubber busbar tubes are usually larger than other specifications of power tubes , and the wall thickness is also much thicker. However, the core problem of analyzing it from the production process is also because of its thick wall thickness, which causes us troubles in production. Silicone rubber busbars are made of platinum silicone rubber specially used for cable accessories. It is required that the raw materials must reach a dielectric constant of 3.03 before extrusion production, and the electrical breakdown strength must reach 23KN/mm. If the raw materials cannot meet the requirements, The silicone rubber busbar pipes produced must be defective products. In fact, there is no problem with the raw materials. What troubles our manufacturer is the extrusion part. It is required that the silicone extruder for the production of silicone rubber busbar pipes must be a vertical machine. The production of a horizontal machine is very easy to be "eccentric" and cause the wall thickness of the left and right sides of the product to be asymmetrical.
   In the extrusion production process, it is divided into vulcanization as the key. Because the wall thickness of the silicone rubber busbar is thick, the control of the vulcanization temperature is the most important thing. It cannot be vulcanized according to the conventional vulcanization temperature, so the pre-baking and post-baking The road needs to be specially adjusted. If the temperature is too high, the product will be over-vulcanized and cracked, and if the temperature is too low, the vulcanization will be immature. In addition, the speed problem of the conveyor belt is roughly the same as the temperature problem. These are adjusted before the production of silicone rubber busbars and will waste a lot of materials. Therefore, we generally report 30% defective products during production. , because the defect rate of this kind of thick-walled products is very high, sometimes it is because of the 'eccentric' situation that there are also factors such as immature vulcanization and air bubbles, so the above factors are particularly important in the production of silicone rubber busbars, and the others are nothing. Ordinary silicone tubes can also be used for secondary processing such as cutting. 

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