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How to assemble silicone foam sealing strips for wall washing lamps

  The assembly of silicone foam sealing strip for wall washer needs overall cooperation to meet the requirements. From a single point of view, the silicone foam sealing strip of the product needs to be foamed with high density because it needs to be pressed for a long time to be assembled inside the product. If it does not use high density, its The rebound will be greatly affected, which will cause the product’s tightness to not keep up with water leakage and other situations. High density means that the foaming density is between 0.4 and 0.9. The higher the density, the stronger the product will be. When assembling with die-casting parts, it can fill some small spaces inside the die-casting parts. There are many small slots on the inner wall of die-casting parts. These are often the most difficult to assemble with silicone foam seals, so we generally recommend customers to use high-density silicone foam seals. strip.
  After the product is assembled with the components, it needs to be waterproof, and the waterproofing can not be completed by a single part of the silicone foam sealing strip. It is an assembly sealing waterproof between systems, also known as structural waterproofing. Through the lens and die-casting parts working together with the silicone foam sealing strip, if the product leaks, it may not necessarily be a problem with the silicone, but may be a problem with the entire structural design. The assembly process is to pass the lens through the slot in the wall of the die-casting part, and then stretch the silicone foam sealing strip to make it smaller in size and stick it in on the left and right sides. At this time, the silicone will expand rapidly to prop up the lens and squeeze it out to achieve a seal. The environment, the lens and the die-casting groove form the first waterproof seal, while the silicone foam seal and the die-cast inner wall groove form the second waterproof, so many silicone foam seals for wall washers as a whole can reach IP67IP68, etc. waterproof level. With more than 20 years of production management experience, we only provide customers with high-quality silicone foam sealing strips for wall washers