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What is the effect of flame retardants on flame retardant silicone strips?

  Silica gel is a kind of mixing rubber with strong inclusiveness and can be combined with various auxiliary materials, and flame retardant is one of them. When the silica gel is extruded and compacted, a certain amount of flame retardant is added to the The raw material of the silicone strip is enough, and the produced silicone strip can have flame retardancy. If the amount of addition is inconsistent, the flame retardancy will be inconsistent (generally there will be a flame retardant additive formula, which depends on the flame retardancy level). Traditional silicone strips without adding flame retardants can only reach the HB level at most, because ordinary silicone strips cannot be said to have very good flame retardant effects and will also have flame resistance, and flame retardants are a chemical additive that has High-strength flame retardant function, if a flame retardant is added to the silicone strip, the flame retardant effect can be maintained.
  There is no big difference between flame retardant silicone strips and ordinary silicone strips. Except for the color, the reason for this is also because of the flame retardant. It is bound to damage some of the original properties of silica gel. The color of the flame retardant is generally fixed to brown, brown, and white, so when the silicone strip and the flame retardant are compacted together, the flame retardant will dye the original translucent silicone raw material into the color of the flame retardant . Because of this, colored flame-retardant silicone strips can be seen in the market, generally taupe. This is one of the effects of flame retardants on the color of silicone strips. Naturally, there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that silicone inherits the characteristics of flame retardants. In some special areas, flame-retardant silicone strips are required, such as: flame-retardant silicone for doors and windows Strips, fireproof silicone strips and other products.
Physical picture of flame-retardant silicone strips:

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