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What is the difference between extruded silicone tubing for neon light strips and integrated silicone neon light strips?

 Extruding silicone sleeves for neon light strips is a long-term use process, and one-piece molding silicone neon light strips is one of the processes that have developed rapidly in recent years. However, in terms of production technology and product aesthetics, I am more concerned about the former, while the latter is suitable for large quantities and low cost. The price production is slightly inferior to the aesthetics. After all, this technology has not been developed for a long time and there is still room for growth.
  The difference between the two: 1. From the perspective of the market, if you insist on binding the silicone extrusion industry and the LED neon light strip industry together, the result will only be unknown, and it may be a kind of market innovation and innovation . Let's talk about extruding the silicone sleeve of the neon light strip and the one-piece silicone neon light strip. Silicone sleeves for extruding neon strips belong to the silicone extrusion industry. Naturally, people in this field are more professional, and people in the LED industry may not be very familiar with silicone extrusion. On the contrary, people in the silicone industry are not particularly aware of LED lights. The performance parameters of the belt, of course, can make up for such a gap through learning, but I personally prefer to do professional things with professional people in order to make good products.
2. Silicone sleeves for neon light strips have sophisticated technology but many processes. The production speed of integrally formed silicone neon light strips is fast but cannot be repaired later, which means that buyers cannot have the right to repair. When the neon strip silicone sleeve is produced, a line will be left inside the sleeve to facilitate the penetration of the pcb board, and then it will be sealed. Even if a lamp bead is broken during later use, people only need to replace the pcb board. The one-piece silicone neon light strip is to extrude the pcb board and the silicone sleeve sealing process during extrusion. It is required that the pcb board should be resistant to high temperature because the silicone needs to be vulcanized at high temperature. Since it is integrated, all accessories are required. To withstand high temperature, if the integrated silicone neon light strip is used in the later stage, once a lamp bead breaks, you cannot repair it, and you need to replace the entire light strip.
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