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Application field of small caliber solid silicone strips

  Small-diameter solid silicone strips refer to products between 0.5mm and 2mm. If it is higher than this range, it does not belong to the small-caliber series. If it is lower, it cannot be produced. 0.5mm is already considered a very small diameter. It is widely used in daily necessities and appearance parts, such as some car accessories, door and window accessories, power whips, and even small-diameter solid silicone strips can be seen on the pens used by students. Next, I will explain the two popular products in the field of small-caliber solid silicone, namely the gel pen and the power whip. Of course, if you distinguish according to the amount, the pendant is still used more.
1. For the application of small-diameter solid silicone strips in the field of gel pens, everyone must be curious about how a pen fits with the silicone strips? First, cut the silicone into a shorter size, stuff it into the cap of the gel pen by folding it in half, and apply glue material to make it firmly adhere to the cap, and then add some decorations on the silicone strip to form a very An alternative gel pen, just like a person who has dyed hair, isn't it very individual? This is a very popular product in the market recently, and it is also one of the representative products in the field of small-diameter solid silicone strips for stationery applications (since silicone products are rarely used in such fields, so they are very precious).
The application field of small-diameter solid silicone strips, the physical picture of the gel pen is as follows:

2. The field of power whip: I have always said that the softness of silicone is one of the reasons why small-caliber solid silicone strips can be used in this daily necessities. It is reasonable to say that it is a toy product, and it is also a silicone strip according to customer requirements. Cut it according to the required shape, fold it into a section of plastic pipe, and finally clamp it to the owner. Small-diameter solid silicone strips are widely used in such fields, such as car pendants and so on.
The small-diameter solid silicone strip is applied to the power whip, and the physical picture is as follows: The product physical picture is as follows: With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality small-diameter solid silica gel strips