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What is the function of defrosting agent in U-shaped silicone anti-collision strips?

  U-shaped silicone anti-collision strips are usually placed on doors and windows, and doors and windows are used in a harsh environment. They are exposed to high-intensity direct ultraviolet rays and wind and rain for a long time. This is a big challenge for u-shaped silicone anti-collision strips. , In addition, there are chemical molecules corroded by humid environments. These environments are dark and humid, and it is easy to gather cockroaches, ants, etc. because these are their favorite environments, and they are easy to bring microorganisms, and microorganisms will affect U-shaped silica gel. The erosion of the anti-collision strip is further accelerated, which affects the physical properties of the u-shaped silicone anti-collision strip, such as tear performance, tensile anti-yellow performance, and so on.
  In order to improve the long-term work of the product in this environment, the current popular practice in the market is to add additives when extruding silicone, such as defrosting agents, antibacterial agents, and temperature-resistant agents. The silica gel mentioned last time is a very inclusive material, so the defrost can also be naturally integrated. The U-shaped silicone anti-collision strip can also improve its physical properties after adding additives, such as UV resistance and volatility.
  The u-shaped silicone anti-collision strip grade after adding defrosting agent is used in a humid and slightly corrosive environment that is prone to microorganisms, which can greatly reduce the impact of the environment on the product. If there is no defrosting agent added to the product, it will be corroded, and the surface will be white snowflakes, and some slight holes will be formed throughout the product, eventually resulting in damage to the u-shaped silicone anti-collision strip.
The picture of silicone frosting is as follows : the surface of the product is like mold, but there is no musty smell.

U-shaped silicone strip physical map

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