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Function and performance of L-type silicone anti-collision strip

  In daily life, everyone can see scratches by tables, hardware doors and windows, especially children and the elderly. It is against this background that people are thinking about a protective material, from early plastics to rubber to today's silicone anti- The hardness of the plastic is too high, and the rubber has volatiles, so the silicone material appears. It has good flexibility and low hardness, and can meet FDA, ROHS and other testing standards. Even if children accidentally touch the mouth and nose, it will not affect the body. It has stable physical properties in terms of performance. The L-shaped silicone anti-collision strip conforms to the ISO10993 standard and has various excellent properties such as anti-yellowing and thermal stability. Can keep flexibility.
  In addition to being able to wrap the sharp part of the table, it can also be sealed and protected on the student's desk. We all know that children will easily develop a bad habit during school, and they always like to lean their chest tightly against the desk. The sharp corners of the desk will cause the children's back deformity, and because the corners will press the front chest for a long time, there will be a deep strangle mark. If the L-shaped silicone anti-collision strip is installed at the corner of the desk, Using the shock-absorbing performance of silica gel can effectively reduce the occurrence of chest strangle marks, and can also improve the child's arched back. The second function of the L-shaped silicone anti-collision strip is anti-collision. Because the corners of the desks are very sharp, it is their nature for children to be naughty. However, there are more and more news about children being injured by the corners of the desks every year. If the desks are installed Can L-shaped silicone anti-collision strips effectively avoid these situations by using the safety and softness of silicone? After our promotion and market understanding, it is completely possible to achieve protection and shock absorption.
   There are other functions to reduce the degree of injury, such as L-shaped silicone anti-collision strips on doors and windows. Its function is to protect and reduce the degree of injury. If there is someone outside your door when you open the door, then you can’t avoid the door knocking on the person outside the door. If you follow the L-shaped silicone anti-corrosion The collision strip can reduce the damage suffered by the elastic material when the door collides with people. This is the role of L-type silicone anti-collision strips on doors and windows. In summary, there are three major functions of anti-collision, protection and shock absorption.
  L-shaped silicone anti-collision strip performance:
1. Silicone is a kind of soft and elastic material, which has very good shock absorption performance.
2. The anti-yellowing property is very good, and it will not turn yellow and change color during use (it will not yellow within one year)
3. Safety performance, silicone is an environmentally friendly product, non-toxic and tasteless
4. Good compression permanent deformation, even if it is pressed for a long time, it can quickly rebound to its original size
5. Strong shock absorption ability, silicone extrusion can achieve Shore 30°~70 or so, the lower the hardness, the better the shock absorption ability

6. Physical picture of products with strong heat aging resistance and weather resistance : With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality L-shaped silicone anti-collision strips