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What is the connection between conductive silicone strips and shielding silicone strips?

  Both products require volume resistivity and surface resistivity, and both are conductive silicone products. Conductive silicone strips and shielding silicone strips first have conductivity requirements, and then have sealing effects and waterproof effects at the same time. In terms of production process, they all use kneading rubber as the base material, and add conductive materials and auxiliary materials during the kneading process to achieve the conductive effect required by customers. The added conductive materials are mainly divided into silver powder/aluminum powder/ There are four kinds of nickel powder/charcoal powder, among which silver powder has the best conductive effect. In the production process of conductive silicone strips and shielding silicone strips, conductive agents are added according to customer requirements. The application industry is different depending on the amount of addition. When the volume resistivity of the shielding silicone strip is >0.02~0.004Ω*cm, it is already a conductive silicone strip in theory, otherwise when the volume resistivity of the conductive silicone strip is <0.02~0.004Ω*cm, it is regarded as a It is a shielding silicone strip.
  Shielding silicone strip : It is used in the sealing and shielding of electromagnetic radiation in communication chassis and 5G receiver set-top boxes. Nowadays, people generally use communication equipment, and the information is more and more. The receiver is more busy, usually in communication receivers and communication chassis. A large amount of electromagnetic radiation will be generated during work, which will affect the ecological balance and human health. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of electromagnetic radiation, people have been studying electromagnetic shielding silicone strips. Now the shielding silicone strips have been officially put into use. The radiation diffuses outwards and touches the silicone strips added with conductive materials, and the silicone strips will guide the electromagnetic radiation through multiple cycles to reduce its radiation intensity and work back and forth. In addition to shielding the communication radiation, the product must also maintain a good seal, because the communication case and communication receiver are mostly used outdoors, and they need to face a variety of harsh environments at any time, so stable sealing is required.
The product picture of electromagnetic shielding silicone strip is as follows:
  Conductive silicone strip: It is mostly used on home medical equipment. It can transmit the heart rate or pulse of the human body to the system through the silicone conductive material for display, so as to achieve the transmission of health monitoring data and also play a protective role. Because silica gel is very inclusive and can add a variety of materials to achieve a certain effect, many customers choose to use silica gel for conduction.
The product picture of conductive silicone strip is as follows: