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How long does it take to produce silicone sealing strips for industrial freezers?

The main focus of product production time is to squeeze out equipment from suppliers. Because the vast majority of industrial freezer silicone sealing strips do not require conventional products, which means that each company's designed products will have more or less differences, which affects the mold opening time of our suppliers. The more complex the structure, the longer the production time, and the more subsequent processes, the more time it will take. Currently, according to our company's normal production process, the production time is (mold opening+extrusion+back-end processing)

Mold opening accounts for about 20% of the total production time of the product, which is based on the general silicone sealing strip for refrigerators in the market. If the customer's structure is too complex, the mold opening time needs to be calculated separately. The proportion of extruded products is also around 20%, and it still needs to be calculated based on customer orders, with 150KG per shift (one production line) as the production time. Most of the production time for the silicone sealing strip of the freezer is in the back-end processing process, which includes cutting and bonding. Cutting needs to be done according to the size of the freezer seal, and if the upper and lower dimensions are different, the degree of cutting may also differ. The longest bonding time is required because the silicone sealing strip products for freezers are generally of relatively large size. Firstly, a bonding mold needs to be opened, which cannot be used with ordinary small bonding machines. Therefore, a large 0.5T bonding machine is required. In order to improve the production time of the product, only one piece of small machine the first mock examination can be used for bonding, while the silica gel sealing strip of the freezer has four right angles to be bonded, which means that one product needs to be bonded four times. Therefore, the small bonding machine is too slow, so a 0.5T the first mock examination machine with four to five bonding angles needs to be used, which can increase the original production time by four times. Can teach customers the silicone sealing strip of industrial freezers as soon as possible. Dongguan Yutian accepts a large number of OEM and ODM orders. Welcome to visit and guide us.

Freezer right angle bonding diagram: