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Common dimensions and specifications of silicone corrugated pipes

  Silicone bellows size and specification introduction The first category is the small-diameter silicone bellows series. The size and specifications of this bellows are relatively small and are not suitable for use as a breathing circuit on medical devices. Its specifications are inner tube: 5*7mm, The total outer diameter is 11.5mm, so it is also commonly known as 5*7*11.5mm bellows. In addition, some specifications are 6*9 (inner tube) mm, and the total outer diameter is 11.6mm. The outer diameter includes the bellows on the bellows. The specifications of the winding tube also include 7*9 inner tube mm, outer diameter 14mm, 8*10 inner tube mm, outer diameter 15mm, etc. These small-sized silicone bellows are mostly used in small household appliances and are not medical breathing circuits. The function is to resist pressure and replace the drainage of the silicone tube , because the silicone tube is easy to experience 90° folding work in the water dispenser, which will lead to liquid blockage, but the small-caliber silicone bellows can support 90° or 45° folding work, These size specifications are only a small part and many other specifications will be collected.
   Silicone bellows are medium and large in size. Many people here call it a silicone breathing circuit. It belongs to a medical device accessory that assists patients in breathing. Its specifications and sizes are mainly divided into three categories. One is the children's special bellows. , the size of the bellows should be slightly smaller because the pushing force of the breathing circuit of children is relatively small. The other is the medium and large bellows used by adults. Its main dimensions are: 10*13.5 inner tube mm*18.5 total outer diameter and 11*13.5 inner tube*18.5 total outer diameter, 15*17.5 inner tube*25mm total outer diameter There are three sizes and specifications of the diameter, and of course there are other specifications, so we will not give examples one by one.
   In short, silicone bellows can roughly judge the product's use field from the size specification, and can also roughly judge the specification from the use field. Neither of these two can do without the other. Generally, other specifications and types rarely appear in the market. The above is my opinion. The introduction of silicone material does not include all materials and specifications. Of course, silicone bellows can also be customized in its size.