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Production lead time and sample lead time of cold shrink silicone tubing

  Cold-shrinkable silicone tube is a kind of silicone product for power communication. It has multiple post-processing processes, so the delivery time has become one of the most troublesome problems for many customers. In addition, the sample delivery time is also a product that customers are eager to ask for. Today I will explain it in detail for you. Production lead time and sample lead time. The first step is to consider the simplicity of the product, the second step is to consider the production capacity of the producer, and the third step is to consider the post-processing process and logistics speed. Generally speaking, the delivery date of the cold-shrinkable silicone tube is faster than that of some special-shaped silicone seal rings.
  Next, I will take Dongguan Yutian as an example to explain the delivery date (the delivery date of each factory will be replied according to its actual output value). Dongguan Yutian currently has 13 large-scale silicone extrusion equipment, and I don’t know about other factories. All my subsequent production and sample delivery are calculated with 13 silicone extruders. If the customer has urgent order insertion or delivery delay, he needs to communicate with the manufacturer. The production lead time is calculated from the second day of the reply lead time, and Sundays and holidays are not counted.
  The calculation method of production delivery date and sample delivery date of cold-shrinkable silicone tube is as follows:
  1. Product category: The structure of the cold-shrinkable silicone tube is relatively simple. Even if the special cold-shrinkable silicone tube needs to be opened for mold production and sample delivery, it will not be affected by the product category, because our company has very mature products. technology, so the product category of cold-shrinkable silicone tube accounts for about 10% of the delivery time
  2. Factory capacity: This involves the factory's cold-shrinkable silicone tube production equipment. At present, Yutian Company has 13 extrusion production lines. The production capacity per shift is 350~500KG*2 (capacity of one extrusion production line). The factory is divided into day shift and night shift. Of course, it is impossible for all 13 extrusion equipment to be used to produce cold-shrinkable silicone tubes. This is only the production capacity of one production line per day in our company, accounting for 30% of the production and sample delivery time.
  3. Bottleneck process capacity: refers to the post-secondary processing of cold-shrinkable silicone tubes, including the time for secondary vulcanization, and the production capacity of cutting cold-shrinkable silicone tubes, as well as full inspection at the back end. The second sulfur addition per day can carry out 400KG*2 (the capacity of one vulcanization equipment, our company has 5 such equipments). The cutting is basically an automatic cutting machine. This does not affect the production delivery date and sample delivery date, and the full inspection is more expensive. Time, which means to observe whether there is dirt and pitting on the surface of the cold shrinkable silicone tube, this process accounts for 35% of the delivery time.
  4. Logistics delivery time: This is the only point that our cold-shrinkable silicone tube factory cannot control. We can only do our best to ensure the production delivery time of customers and choose a more suitable logistics company for delivery.
  There are not many follow-up processes for cold shrinkable silicone tubes, and the delivery time is relatively fast among silicone products. Bonding, adhesive backing, oil injection, silk screen printing, laser engraving, etc. are not involved. Most samples and products are It can be sent to the customer within the delivery date.