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Product data and size specifications of power silicone tubing

  The power silicone tube is made of platinum vulcanized voltage-resistant and high-temperature silicone rubber. It has various product data such as high tensile, high elongation, high tear resistance, and small deformation at constant elongation, but its specifications are very stable. There are few large specifications or high wall thicknesses. The electric power tube appears, because the electric silicone tube needs to fix the cable and the cable specification has been fixed in China, so the size specification of the product also changes with the change of the cable (except for some special cables). The power silicone tube must be expanded after production. The original size should be expanded several times before adding support bars to avoid the situation that the cable cannot be inserted due to the size in the later stage.
  The product data of the electric silicone tube is nothing more than an expansion performance, tensile performance, and tear performance. If I say that my product is very good, many customers will not choose to believe it, and they will think that we are selling melons. In response to changes in the power market environment, the company also sent the power silicone tube to a third-party testing company for testing, so the results and data should be authoritative, right? (The SGS test data report is attached below), what is the concept that the company's product upper limit expansion effect can be ≥ 3 times? For example, the inner diameter of the electric silicone tube you need to customize is 7mm, so the minimum expansion must have an inner diameter of 20mm, and it may be expanded to 28mm.
  Power silicone tube is still a very flexible product, but many power customers do not pay attention to this data, so let me tell you that this insignificant small data will have a great impact on the product. As we all know, elastic materials can only be used when they are extremely soft. Only when there is toughness, such as slingshots, tourniquets and other products, so the power silicone tube is generally made by the manufacturer at about 40°, so as to give full play to its product data such as expandability and stretchability.
The dimensions and specifications of the power silicone tube are as follows:
Withstand voltage level Applicable cable section mm Product inner diameter Product wall thickness Extended minimum Extended mean
1KV 25-50 7mm 2mm 20mm 28mm
1KV 70-120 9mm 2mm 26mm 26mm
1KV 150-240 13mm 2mm 34mm 52mm
1KV 300-400 17mm 2mm 42mm 68mm
10KV 25-50 12mm 2.5mm 34mm 48mm
10KV 70-120 15mm 2.5mm 37mm 60mm
10KV 150-240 18mm 2.5mm 42mm 72mm
10KV 300-400 21mm 2.5mm 46mm 84mm
35KV 50-95 22mm 3.0mm 55mm 88mm
35KV 120-185 25mm 3.0mm 60mm 100mm
35KV 500-630 30mm 3.0mm 70mm 120mm
The product parameters of the power silicone tube are as follows:

The physical picture of the power silicone tube: