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LED neon light strip silicone sleeve straight out plug

   The straight-out plug belongs to the molding process, and its purpose is for the aesthetics and airtightness of the sleeve. When the silicone sleeve of the neon strip is passed through the board, it needs to be glued to prevent penetration during the glue filling process. A plug is needed to seal it. Plug, another use is that when the pcb board passes through the bushing, it needs to be powered on to light up. At this time, there will be 2 or 4 power lines that go straight out of the plug to light it up. This is the conduction transmission. effect. There are some silicone sleeves for neon strips that work outdoors, and can encounter various harsh environments such as rainy days and snowy days. In order to protect the PCB board from working normally, it is necessary to prevent external rain or ultraviolet rays from causing damage to the PCB board. Influence.
   Straight-out plugs, side-out plugs, and rear-out plugs all have their own unique advantages. Straight-out plugs can be used in regular and shaped installation environments with the best effect, such as card slots in house decoration, hotel lights, etc. Chemical engineering, etc. At this time, the neon strip casing can be used to give full play to its greatest advantage. The straight-out plug can effectively maintain the power operation of the PCB board. The higher the current, the higher the voltage, and the higher the temperature, the lower the current. In this flexible environment, silicone can effectively maintain the power operation.
  From the structure of the product, the plug changes with the structure of the neon strip casing. It can be square, rectangular or semicircular. The product will have different effects when used in different structures. In normal use We may not see this effect below, but it is very important to look at the performance of the neon strip sleeve straight out of the plug, because people will hide the ends with plugs during use in order to make the neon lights The silicone casing is more beautiful. At present, our company has started to produce straight-out plugs or side-out plugs in batches, and has a large inventory that can be sampled or shipped at any time.
LED neon strip silicone sleeve straight out plug diagram: