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Development history and types of silicone tubes

  The longer the development of silicone tubes, the more mature the production process will be. At present, there are three main types: ordinary industrial grade silicone tubes, food and medical grade silicone tubes , and special silicone tubes. From the earliest silicone tubes to today, there are more and more branches. more and more. Silicone experts predict that silicone tubes will make a breakthrough after 2020, and will grow from the original 10% to more than 35% or even higher in original buildings and daily necessities, indicating that silicone tubes are a vibrant and thriving industry. In the early days, people thought that silica gel was a kind of chemical extract, would it affect the human body or life? After several years of experiments and tests, it has been shown that the silicone tube is an extremely reliable and stable material, and then people boldly apply the silicone tube to various aspects of life, industry, etc. A firm foothold in the industry.
  The three types of silicone tubes account for more than 85% of the silicone tubes. So far, the technology has become more mature and recognized by a wide range of industries and enterprises.
  1. Ordinary industrial grade silicone tube: We like to call it ordinary rubber silicone tube in many cases. The reason why it is called ordinary rubber is because the silica gel adopts the precipitation method in the production process and the ordinary rubber silicone tube is made of the bottom layer of silica gel. Its performance All aspects still inherit the traditional characteristics of silica gel. Since the quality requirements of products used in various industries are different, producers will meet the requirements of most people and make them. How to distinguish the types of silicone tubes, the color of ordinary silicone tubes will not be very transparent after being made, most of them are milky white and will be obviously whitish when pulled hard, but these are acceptable from an industrial point of view, and it is not easy to fade Yellow, practical, affordable, widely used in machinery, industry, construction, etc.
  2. Food and medical grade silicone tube : the quality of this silicone tube is relatively good. You can see it in daily life, medical equipment, and some small household appliances. It is highly transparent and safe. Sexual stability and other functions, and some can even be directly or indirectly implanted into the human body through biocompatibility. The food and medical grade silicone tube will not turn white during the stretching process and can maintain the original transparency. It has a very important influence in the development of silica gel, and it is also the most important representative product of silicone tubes. Almost every household uses it, but many people don't know it. Food and medical grade silicone tubes can be hidden in your children. It can also be used on small household appliances.
  3. Special silicone tube : There are many varieties of this type of silicone tube, most of which have their own unique advantages, such as: high temperature resistant silicone tube (temperature resistance up to 300°), flame retardant silicone tube (flame retardant grade 94-V0) conductive silicone Tube (resistivity 0.02~0.004), etc. These special types of silicone tubes play a pivotal role in certain industries, and also show the toughness and diversification of silicone since its development. The special silicone tube is always changing. It is to add or decompose a variety of additives in the process of making silicone, so that it can amplify a certain characteristic to meet customer requirements.
  The development of silicone tubes is inseparable from the efforts of all silicone products people. Everyone is constantly pushing silicone tubes to new heights and new fields step by step, so that more and more people will realize the charm of silicone tubes. Dongguan Yutian Silicone Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of silicone tubes that integrates production, research and development, and sales. It not only produces silicone tubes, but also produces silicone auxiliary materials and auxiliaries. development effort. We firmly believe that silicone tubes will usher in a better tomorrow with the unremitting efforts of all our silicone people.
Example of ordinary industrial grade silicone tube:

example of food and medical grade silicone tube:

example of special silicone tube: