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Common models and specifications of LED light strip waterproof sleeves in the market

  We need to understand that there is a difference between lamp beads and sleeves, and the commonly known models in the market are 10mm5050 sleeves, 8mm3528 sleeves, and 8mm2835 sleeves, which are actually the models of lamp beads, and we are manufacturers of silicone sleeves. There are our own internal models, for example, we call it 530 sleeve with 8mm sleeve, 1531 sleeve with 10mm sleeve, and 238A sleeve with 12mm sleeve, and the combination of these two products is used by our customers to avoid Call it wrong, so most of them call it set 10, set 8, set 6, etc., so that we can understand what type of LED light bar waterproof casing or lamp beads the customer needs.
 At present, the mainstream specifications of LED light bar waterproof casing are: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 18mm, 24mm and other models and specifications. Today I can come to know them. The first step is to know that most of the waterproof silicone sleeves are square silicone sleeves (with a few D-shaped silicone sleeves), 4mm: internal model HJ-791 sleeve, unknown market model, specification: 3.65*1.8mm. Sleeve 5mm: The internal model is HJ-579 sleeve, the market model is unknown, specification: 6.5*1.9mm. Cover 6mm: internal model HJ-579A, unknown market model, specification: 7.3*2mm. Sleeve 8mm: internal model HJ-530 casing, market model: 3528 casing, 2835 casing, specification: 9.5*2.8mm. Cover 10mm: internal model HJ-1531 casing, market model 5050 light bar waterproof casing, specification: 11.3*2.8mm. By analogy, in our LED light bar waterproof casing industry, the specifications are almost the same and there is no big difference, except for the model (almost every company has its own model).
  The above is the model and specification data of the waterproof casing of the LED light bar, and the actual product shall prevail if there are any differences.