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The difference between high-temperature silicone tubing and high-temperature rubber tubing

   High temperature resistant silicone tube is also called temperature resistant silicone rubber. People in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and overseas regions like to call it high temperature resistant silicone tube. The development of high temperature resistant rubber tube is many years earlier than that of silicone, so it can be made Some with more branches are called EPDM, NBR, HNBR, and llR, which can be used to make high-temperature resistant pipes. However, silica gel also belongs to the field of rubber in terms of material. In fact, the two are basically incompatible because the names are more similar and the appearance is more similar. If you need to distinguish the difference between the two, you need to start from the following aspects.
1. Smell: High temperature resistant silicone tube products will not volatilize gas, so you can't smell the smell (the double 24 vulcanization process will have a slight but not pungent smell), while the high temperature resistant rubber tube will volatilize a pungent smell
2. Combustion: When the high-temperature-resistant silicone tube burns, the smoke is white and has no irritating odor, and the ashes are off-white solid. The burning of rubber is black smoke with a pungent smell, and the ashes are black paste.
3. Heat resistance effect: High temperature resistant silicone tube can reach high temperature of 300° and low temperature of -40°. The high temperature resistant rubber tube is in the range of 150 ° low temperature - 30 °.
4. Application fields: High temperature resistant silicone tubes can pass food grade and work in special food and medical high temperature resistant environments, but rubber tubes cannot because plasticizers are added to the products, which is a toxic additive.
5. Color difference: Silica gel can have a variety of colors and high temperature resistance is generally iron red, while rubber is mainly black or brown.