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What are the common specifications of silicone sleeves for LED side emitting neon light strips

  The functional design of the side-emitting neon strip silicone sleeve product is to fix the light on a designated surface in the card slot, and it belongs to the high-speed development product in the industry. At present, there are many specifications, but some specifications have formed certain in the recent development . Quantitative scope, that is to say, it has become a standard product, mainly sets of 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm are the most popular.
  1. The specification of the side light-emitting casing sleeve 8mmpcb is: 8 outer width * 16.3mm outer height, and the light-emitting surface is 8mm. There is also another popular set of 8mm neon light strip silicone casing. For example, the light-emitting surface is 6.2mm and the specification is 6.2*12mm At present, these two models are selling very well, and they are also one of the widely accepted specifications in the market.
  2. The 5mm and 6mm sleeves are smaller in size, more flexible and soft in the actual assembly process, and better than other neon strip sleeves. The size of the 5mm sleeve tube is 4.1 outer width * 8 outer height.
  3. The current common specifications of the 10mm casing are (outer width*outer height): 10.2*18.3mm with a luminous surface of 10.2mm and 12.3*19.4mm with a luminous area of ​​12.3mm. These two are common LED neon strip silicone in the market . Casing .
  Going up, you can put on the 12mm, 14mm, 15mm these neon silicone sleeves. Since these sleeves have large specifications, and there are no clear sizes and specifications on the market, we will not introduce them one by one. These large-size sleeves are basically Most of the sizes and specifications designed by each customer are not unified and clear.