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Application of LED neon light strip silicone sleeve in the lighting industry

 LED neon strip silicone sleeve is a work in the flexible light strip industry. Because of its high luminous efficiency, strong controllability, and low energy consumption, it is currently widely used in lighting engineering, advertising luminous characters, outdoor and indoor lighting and other products. . Silicone plays the role of protecting the PCB board in the flexible light strip, and also has the effect of light source diffusion, only need to add an additive in the process of making the silicone.
  LED neon strip silicone sleeve is also known as two-color sleeve. The product structure is mainly divided into shading surface and diffusion surface. The light refracted from the light source is transmitted through the silica gel so that it can shine according to the customer's idea, which is better than the traditional transparent silicone sleeve. More groundbreaking and artistic. In terms of the choice of shading surface, many manufacturers choose to use ordinary glue, which can reduce the overall cost, because the shading surface does not have high requirements, but only blocks the light source, and then uses the principle of refraction to refract the light to the diffusion surface. However, the continuous refraction of the light source will lead to the weakening of the light source. For this reason, the idea is to start from the diffusion surface of the PCB board and the silicone sleeve of the neon light strip. You can use a high-power PCB board, which means that the light source has a higher intensity even in refraction. But the final diffuse surface light source will also be stronger than the conventional light source. Another method is to add diffusion powder on the diffusion surface. When the weakening light source reaches the diffusion surface of the silicone sleeve of the neon light strip, the diffusion powder can assist in diffusing it to the outside world. It is characterized by soft light emission and strong light effect.
  Silicone sleeves for neon strips are widely used in the lighting industry, basically walking on the street or in daily life or in the industry. For example, in the field of automotive lighting industry, it is used in the position of car lights, there are warm white and warm red, etc., but the characteristic of this application field is that the control effect is single. The application of silicone sleeves for neon strips in daily life, many card slots in house decoration will be equipped with a sleeve at the request of the owner, adding a bright landscape in the life behind.