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Is a silicone straw okay?

   Silicone straws are a very popular product among silicone products from 2017 to 2019, but many people don’t know whether silicone straws are easy to use or not, and its shortcomings. The popularity of silicone straws comes from social and environmental concerns. From the perspective of staff in the silicone products industry, silicone straws are good or bad. It is a breakthrough product. In our eyes, it can replace traditional straws and is one of the straws that are worth promoting and using. It is colorful. But it does not pollute and poison the environment, and it integrates the environmental protection concept of modern people. If you insist on me to find out the unsatisfactory places of silicone straws, it is difficult for me to find out.
   Advantages of silicone straws
1. Silicone straws are non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly (certifications from third-party testing agencies such as REACH, NSF, and FDA are available)
2. The product decomposes and degrades very quickly, because silica gel is derived from natural products.
3. Recyclable, non-disposable silicone straws can be sterilized for multiple uses
4. Excellent flexibility Silicone is an elastic product that can be kinked.
5. No impact on the environment, silicone does not add plasticizers
6. Even incineration or landfill will not produce toxic substances or volatiles
7. Good temperature resistance - 40~200°, even boiling water will not have any effect on the silicone straw