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How is a silicone straw made?

  Silicone straws are very beautiful and bright in color. In the past, they were mostly used in water cups, feeding bottles, etc. Now, under the background of the determination of the "plastic ban" launched in many countries and the abandonment of plastic straws, silicone straws have gradually become a Popular products, many business units are using silicone straws, but people are curious about how silicone straws are made? Below I will take you to know the production of silicone straws.
  The principle of extruding silicone straws is divided into material preparation, rubber refining, extrusion, vulcanization, secondary vulcanization, and back-end treatment. These steps are required to make a finished food-grade silicone straw. At present, our company uses silicone straws made of platinum vulcanization technology. Compared with straws made of other materials, it is non-toxic and tasteless. It is harmless to human contact and environmental protection and is easy to decompose and drain. Common specifications of silicone straws in the market are 7*9, 6*8, 7*10, 8*10, 8*11, etc. The common specifications of silicone straws made by our company do not need to be molded, except for special-shaped silicone straws.
  Molded silicone straws are silicone elbows (40°60°), which can only be extruded regularly when used in the extrusion process, while irregular silicone products such as silicone elbow straws need to be made with molds. It only needs It is divided into material preparation, rubber refining, abrasive heating, and machine molding. The above processes are made, and it needs to cooperate with the production of large sheet metal molds (mold opening fee is required). After the molded silicone straw is made, it does not need secondary processing such as cutting, so it can save part. Cost, but the aesthetics are not as pretty as silicone extrusion straws (there is a parting line).
  In short, whether it is molded or extruded, silicone straws can meet people's daily needs without having a great impact on the environment. All of them have become popular products. As a professional manufacturer of silicone straws, Dongguan Yutian has more ways to make silicone straws. Would you like to come and consult us?
Extruded silicone straws: Molded silicone straws Dongguan Yutian has been developing for many years, and has been able to undertake OEM and ODM orders so far.